The other need: Think Gandhi!

The other need: Mahatma Gandhi and the idea of gold savings...


Loved to read the excellent thought-provoking short piece on Mahatma Gandhi by C Gopinath (The Hindu Business Line, American Periscope, April 27, 2016). Still wondering how this came under a column captioned ‘American Periscope’, though.

If Gopinath’s sense of guilt while paying a bar bill with a ‘Gandhi note’ is real, Mahatma may not mind his photos being embossed on all credit/debit cards also! 
Reading about Gandhi not really looking straight at the beholder of gold coin, I am
reminded of a personal experience.
During 1970’s when I visited my uncle (Mother’s brother) in Madras, he showed me an enlarged photograph of his father(my Muthassan-maternal grandfather). The studio in Mount road had done an excellent job by producing an almost ‘life-size’ clear black and white picture of my grandpa’s face. I was not prepared for the question from my uncle that ensued. He asked, ‘Do you remember Muthassan’s face?’ I said, though he had left when I was in Class 1 or 2, I remembered his face. Uncle said the enlarged photo did not  resemble his real appearance and as if he was consoling himself, said: ‘Most of the people who will see this, when ‘framed and hanged’ would not have seen him alive!’
Mahatma Gandhi will be safe on coins and currency, whichever direction you look at him and his experiments with truth.

M G Warrier


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