21st Century Reading Habits

Learning to read in the time of ‘self-publishing’: German academic Hans Robert Jauss proposes a reception theory that he calls ‘Horizon of Expectations’. He says: “A literary work is not an object which stands by itself and which offers the same...


21st century reading habits

This refers to the article “Learning to read in the time of ‘self-publishing’” (The Hindu, Open Page, April 12). Excellent article about reading habits. Recently, I read an article in Malayalam, “Brief history of paper column writing” by P K Rajasekharan published in the current issue(April 10-16, 2016) of Mathrubhumi Weekly (Malayalam)  which gives deep insight into the evolution of column writing to its present form. The writer says, Malayalam newspaper columns have a rich history of severe criticism, grave satire and deep analyses which is yet to be collated and documented. The text of the Foreword written by Rajasekharan for a forthcoming book by N P Rajendran on the genesis and history of column writing in Malayalam has been published in the weekly.
My experience is, many column writers, across disciplines, provide ideas about selection of themes for further reading in various walks of life!

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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