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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday June 11, 2022 Music Fountain Brindaban Gardens https://youtu.be/Sm0JNechFmU Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) C V Subbaraman Thanks for providing space for my poem "My World". I note the Editorial Freedom to amend, edit and omit. Subbaraman (In literary works, especially poetry, editors should not take such liberties without consulting. If while formatting some changes have inadvertently crept in, apologies 🙏-Warrier) 2) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Stray Thoughts I am in perfect agreement with Shri Subbaraman when he says that a poem should carry an emotion; if not an emotion, a worthwhile thought. Continued at H1 3) S Nallasivan Ref : Modi 2024*/June 10, 2022 Dear Badri, Congratulations! We are happy that you have got admission in the Exclusive Club, the prerogative of privileged few, Warrier's Collage. I am again unfortunate and rejected consistently and continuously at the Collage by Warrier. S Nallasivan (*Was a forward shared by S R Badrinarayanan and some others. I saw it first in Badri's mail. Warrier's Collage is a collection of articles/messages received/written by M G Warrier shared with his contacts. I'm not aware of any "Exclusive Club" in that name (Warrier's Collage). If brought to my notice with related link, I will change the name of "Warrier's Collage" which is regularly posted at www.warriersblog.com which is my Blog. I write at my Times of India Reader's Blog WarriersViews also. Thanks and Regards 🙏-Warrier) B Book Review : B R Ambedkar https://myonlinebookreview.wordpress.com/2016/05/06/anamikas-book-reviewdr-b-r-ambedkarwinner-of-competition/ Excerpts : Dr B R Ambedkar , popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, was one of the architects of the Indian Constitution. He was a well-known politician and an eminent jurist. Ambedkar's efforts to eradicate the social evils like untouchability and caste restrictions were remarkable. The leader, throughout his life, fought for the rights of the dalits and other socially backward classes. Ambedkar was appointed as the nation's first Law Minister in the Cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru. C Tourism : Brindavan Gardens Mysuru https://www.mysoretourism.org.in/brindavan-gardens-mysore Brindavan Gardens of Mysore is undeniably one of the best terrace gardens in the world. A must sightseeing place of a Mysore tour, Brindavan Garden mesmerizes everyone. It is located about 12km towards the north west of the Mysore city. Brindavan gardens with its illuminated fountains, botanical park, extensive varieties of plants and fulfilled boating, is place for everyone. D Spirituality/Faith https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/reading-gita-traits-of-a-karma-yogi-9464/ Reading Bhagavad Gita I: Traits of a Karma Yogi Stanzas 17 to 21 of Chapter III of Bhagavad Gita. In these stanzas, Blessed Lord tells Arjuna as under about a Karma Yogi: “But the man who is devoted to the Self, and is satisfied with the Self, and content in the Self alone, has no obligatory duty. (3.17) E Collage Essay : Vathsala Jayaraman Nicknames To lighten all our minds from the serious and thoughtful moods, I just tried this snippet. Purely just for fun. During our School/College days and even in our work places, we nickname some teachers, class mates and our colleagues. We can share such nick names and the reasons for giving them such nick names. Continued at H2 F Leisure Jokes about writers https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2020/03/26-hilarious-jokes-about-making-a-living-as-a-writer/ Like : A writer died and was given the option of going to heaven or hell. She decided to check out each place first. As the writer descended into the fiery pits, she saw row upon row of writers chained to their desks in a steaming sweatshop. As they worked, they were repeatedly whipped with thorny lashes. “Oh my,” said the writer. “Let me see heaven now.” A few moments later, as she ascended into heaven, she saw rows of writers, chained to their desks in a steaming sweatshop. As they worked, they, too, were whipped with thorny lashes. G Quotes on ethics https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/ethics-quotes Like : History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them. B. R. Ambedkar Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, (born April 14, 1891, Mhow, India—died December 6, 1956, New Delhi), leader of the Dalits (Scheduled Castes; formerly called untouchables) and law minister of the government of India (1947–51). Source : Google search H 1) Continued from A2 For example: Oru vela pazhakkam aeriyaal Irulummelle velitchamaayvaraam Sariyaay madhuritchidaam swayam Pariseelipporukaippu thaanume (If used to for a long time, perhaps, darkness may slowly become bright;if tried for a long time, bitterness may, perhaps, turn sweet.) The above is generally regarded as poetry, though it does not convey any emotion. It contains high thought within the metric framework. But a mere 4 liner, conveying a plain statement, though fulfilling the metric norms and rhyme, is no poetry at all. Here I quote Dr. Johnson's well-known lines: I put my hat upon my head And walked into the Strand. There I met another man Whose hat was in his hand. Malayalam too has contributed liberally to non-poetry. When match boxes appeared in the market, a poet got inspired and wrote : Theeppetti pandillathinaal janangalku Erpetta kashtam parayaavathalla Ippolathinmaathiri onnumilla Theeppetti illatthoru veedumilla. (Match boxes were not here before. People suffered a lot on account of that. There is no such problem now. There is not a single house without a match box) Wordsworth's definition is almost near the truth. He says poetry is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and that it's origin is emotions recollected in tranquillity. The sage Valmiki may not fully agree with this although he must be fully concurring with the view that it is a spontaneous outburst of powerful feelings. The world's first poem is a clear proof of that. All are agreed that emotions play an important role in poetry. To seek an example is not at all difficult. Many Malayalam quartets stand in a long queue before my mind's eye seeking selection, but my taste of a somewhat mischievous slant is inclined to choose a two-liner that the great romantic poet Changampuzha wrote on the desk. It was like this : Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, who had the very rare distinction of his own poetry being taught in his own class (Malayalam M.A) was something like a Don Juan and, on a certain day, on attending the class in the morning, he wrote on the desk : "Innale raathriyil Njaanoru poomottin Mandasmithatthil Kidannurangi. " (Yesterday night, I lay asleep on the sweet smile of a flower bud.) One may not like it outwardly, but that is real poetry. Please read the following lines: My tears have dried up without outward thrust My feelings are hard I no longer trust The consolation of my kith and kin." These are the opening lines of a poem written by Shri Subbaraman that appeared in the Collage of the 10th.These lines echo, in poetic terms, the anger, frustration and anguish of a man fighting for long against the callous injustice of a system. He can do so, as he has the poetic gift, but many co-sufferers cannot, as we don't have it. 2) Continued from E There used to be one teacher who took Social Studies for us in our IX Standard. She was very beautiful and she had so many sarees. As she looked like a doll in the show room, she was nick named as Rekha Doll. Another teacher was named as“Nutrine” as she was very fond of Nutrine chocolates. Another College Professor always used to peel off dead skin from the cracks of her feet. We named her“Peeler". One Chemistry Professor was named “Lion" since she used to roar at the students like a lion roars (meaning frightening). Another officer would look exactly like the “Common Man” portrayed in the Cartoons of R K Laxman was named “GG". There was one friend, she scolds us if we don't sleep on time, if anyone bunked the class, chats during study time, almost like a mother. So someone started calling her “Ammachi" Then there was Gajini ( who repeats stuffs a lot ), Susheela, that soft spoken long haired girl), Pooja Bhatt ( the most stylish one ), Devil (who urges others to skip classes and go for shopping or a movie ), Guruji ( the philosophical one), Many boys were named after the brand of cigar they had. A big mouthed boy was known as Bonda Vaayan. I am reminded of so many nick names-Silk Smitha, Sai Baba, Sen Thamizh Selvi for the girl who always spoke chaste Tamil,'Robert Brown' who boasted of his excellence in Grammar, and ORALD Ramachandra Iyer who pronounced world as ORALD. Many teachers, professors, doctors and mothers-in-law are given nick names. Now a days there are nick names like Amazon, Door darshan, PC, etc etc. But it was just a fun. No one took it seriously. But even in 80s they are remembered by the nick names. Vathsala Jayaraman


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