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Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday June 3, 2022 1) Sant Kabir's Dohe https://youtu.be/feVSr84Hoss Link Courtesy : J C Khurana Ex-RBI 2) Nimithamatram Bhava... https://www.holy-bhagavad-gita.org/chapter/11/verse/33 "Therefore, arise and attain honor! Conquer your foes and enjoy prosperous rulership. These warriors stand already slain by Me, and you will only be an instrument of My work, O expert archer." Bhagavad-Gita, 11.33 Good Morning 🙏 Many readers are appreciating the rich and diverse content of Collage, contributed by friends from different areas. Thanks to one and all. Keep sharing your thoughts in any manner comfortable, through Collage or by personal interaction using media of any category. Collage will continue to remain a catalyst. Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) Dr A Vasudevan Shared a link which may be useful for friends staying abroad : https://www.pancardexpress.com/oci-apply-online/ 2) Dr Prabha Ramadurai We are in Malaysia visiting our daughter, Charukesi*, enjoying our holidays. The place Desa City Park, a suburb of KL, where my daughter resides is a very beautiful place, both sides surrounded by brick thatched villas reminding Kerala houses and Agraharams of villages and surrounded by skyscraper apartments. The hills make them more beautiful while it is raining. Wherever you see, you find greenery only. Even both sides of main roads have trees like a mini forest. Very calm, quiet but very busy area. (Enjoy your holidays. *For readers to know more : http://charukesi.com/) B Media Response June 2, 2022 India on the right track This refers to the article "A structural reset during Modi govt years*"(The Hindu Business Line, June 2) by Karan Bhasin writing from New York. Read with NK Arora's piece on India's successful COVID vaccination drive appearing on page 5, one gets a soothing comfort that within the constraints the present central government is managing the nation's resources in a satisfactory manner. After almost crossing over the worst pandemic, if we can claim near elimination of abject poverty and a satisfactory level of completion of vaccination drive, we need to take note and call attention of world bodies whose opinion counts. As restoring credibility in Governance is a significant achievement for the long term, political groups both in government and opposition should speak out their views without eying electoral prospects. M G Warrier Mumbai *Article link : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/the-structural-reset-during-8-years-of-modi-govt/article65483359.ece C Book Review : Damuvinte Ormakal* (Damu's Memories) By Dr Damodara Panicker Dr Damodara Panicker is from my Village (Onchiyam Vadakara) and studied for Pre-University during 1960-61 in Government College Madappalli where I was also studying during that period. When he published his nostalgic memories in book form, he remembered me, mentioned about our association in his book and shared a soft copy : ദാമുവിൻറെ ഓർമ്മകൾ (Malayalam : Damu's Memories) Started reading. Sharing with you before completing for the benefit of readers who may be knowing Dr Panicker. As the book is in Malayalam, it's outreach will be in a limited circle. Post-retirement, writing about nostalgic memories and service experiences is a branch of literature which is developing fast in India. Many of us share our memories and experiences in closed social groups or at personal blogs*. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Panicker who has brought out almost his biography in book form. A quick perusal of the book is satisfying as it doubles up as a record of the history of the village in which "Damu" grew up and the society around him those days. Will write more about the book soon. Readers interested in the Malayalam PDF version of the book may let me know. M G Warrier *My Blog on Government College Madappalli where Panicker and I studied can be accessed at : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/government-college-madappalli-25076/ D Blogs and Links : NPS M G Warrier wrote in 2012 : https://www.moneylife.in/article/what-ails-the-new-pension-scheme/27305.html The central government employees covered by the NPS are two-way losers. One, the huge costs savings for the government in pension payout by the switch over to the defined contribution pension system from the defined benefit pension system is a direct charge on the overall remuneration package this category of employees are entitled to. Two, they do not have a window to air their grievances in this respect because the loss is not immediately felt and the full impact of the change will be felt only after 30 years or so when those who joined the service in January 2004 start retiring. It is also true that the anticipated savings in pension expenditure will also start accruing to government only by then. A time tested social security arrangement available to a section of employees has thus disappeared without any alternative system in place. When one refers to social security arrangement, one has in mind all the pension benefits, including family pension. While in the private sector and profit making public sector undertakings employees have an opportunity to bargain and settle remuneration based on their skill and market realities, government employees and those employed in quasi-government and statutory bodies are a helpless lot whose bargaining power is stifled in the name of “public interest”. It is in this context that they deserve a special treatment in respect of social security arrangements. E Collage Response : Vathsala Jayaraman Amanuensis Shri Babusenan's interesting take on Amanuensis, the term we frequently used in English classes in 1960 and which we lost touch with for decades. He has cited Johnson-Boswell, Socrates- Xenopho Vyasa-Ganesha and Melputhur-and Ezhuthaassan. (Continued at H) F Leisure : With S Venugopal Chennai FAQ of different locations and situations : I liked no 5 the best. STUPID questions people usually ask in obvious situations. 1 At movies: "Hey ! What are you doing here ?" Me: "I am here to apply for the popcorn seller post?" 2 In bus : An uncle steps on my feet : "Sorry did that hurt ?" Me : "No not at all. I'm on local anesthesia. Why don't you try again ?" 3 "When I get woken up at midnight by a call : "Sorry ! Were u sleeping ?" Me : "Na ! I was doing research on monkeys in Africa. You thought I was sleeping, u stupid fool ?" 4 When they see me with shorter hair : "Hey ! Have u had a haircut ?" Me : "Nah ! Its autumn. my hair's shedding !" 5 When someone calls on land-line n asks : "Where r u ?" Me : "I'm in market with a telephone around my neck !!" 6 When I m washing my car.... Neighbour : "Hey ! Are u washing ur car ?" Me : "No, I m just watering it so that it grows into a big bus. Share if U wanna put a smile on someone's face. Too hilarious. Contribution from Warrier : 7 During my initial Mumbai days, when I squeezed myself into a Suburban local train and it started moving, a person who was obstructing my way at the door : "Pahali Bar Hai Kya? Train Mey ?" I said : "Thank You, Beta! Aaj, Yah Train mein, Pahali Bar ghusa Hue! Galati Hua Kya??" Someone else laughed 🤣 loudly 😃 G Quotes on Sant Kabir Kabir ke Dohe https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/sant-kabir-was-he-a-poet-or-a-saint/226586 Like : My All-Time Favourite kabir ka Doha "Dukh Mein Sumiran Sab Kare, Sukh Mein Kare Na Koye, Jo Sukh Mein Simran Kare, Toh Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye." Meaning: "During suffering, everyone prays to the Lord, but when experiencing happiness, we forget to thank God. If one were to pray to God even during the good times, can the bad times ever trouble one?" H (Continued from E) We have a popular Tamil verse addressed to Ganesha. தம்பியோ பெண் திருடி மாமனோ வெண் திருடு மாமாயன் மூத்த பிள்ளையாரே முடிச்சவிழ்த்தீர் போம் அய்யா கோத்திரத்த்ற்குள்ள குணம் . ( Ganesha, your brother stealthily married a tribal girl Valli. Your uncle Krishna is a popular Navaneetha chora, ( butter thief) You unpacked the bundled packages. You belong to a family where theft is a trait. But where did Ganesha steal? When Sage Vyasa started composing Mahabhratha, as per Brahma's command, he requested Lord Vinayaka to write verses as and when he dictated. Ganesha agreed subject to the condition that his pen (a broken dantam) will be writing nonstop and if Vyasa does not cope up with that speed, he will stop in the middle. Vyasa agreed on condition that Ganesha should understand the implication of each and every word before he writes. Whenever Vyasa felt that he needed some time to think, he would compose a complicated phraseology so that Ganesha would take a little bit of time to assimilate and write resulting in time gain for Vyasa. Out of nearly 1,30,000 slokas, Vyasa has composed nearly 700 slokas needing some split up. One such verse is given under : Nadee jalam kesava Naree ketuhu nagaahva yonaamna nagaari soonuhu 1 Eshonga naaveshadhara; Kireeti jitwaa vaya; neshyathi saadhya gaava : 11 If the above shloka is split as such as river, water, vishnu, woman and flag nothing we can make out. The words need to be split properly as follows. Nadeeja = oh, son of Ganga, ( Oh Bhishma!) Lankesa vana Ari ketu = Refers to the flag of Hanuman who is the enemy of Ravana's forest. The person who is having Maruthi in his flag. Nagaavya; = he is named after a tree. Nagaari soonuhu = He is the son of a person who is the enemy of a mountain. That is he is the son of Indra, who is the enemy of a mountain. Ananga vesha dhara : = in the guise of a female Kireeti = wearing a crown vaya : jitwa = will conquer us adya gaava: neshyathi = and drive away the cows. (Drona says this to Bhishma in Virata parva, as not to be heard or understood by Duryodhana, after recognising the lady as Arjuna in the company of prince Uttara) As Ganesha dismantled so many puzzles, perhaps he was termed as "முடிச்சவிழ்த்த பிள்ளையார்"( Ganesha, the thief) It is interesting to read the research materials relating to the topic. While Vyasa was very brilliant to make complex verses, Ganesha was equally brilliant to understand the literary complexities and the meanings implied. Research scholars feel that only way to make Pillayar confused was to go on expanding the family tree in which Ganesha had to understand the blood or otherwise of relation of individual character. Whether Ganesha could not easily understand the meaning, or he pretended to do so, or whether the great Vyasa really needed time-we don't know. But, out of their contest was born Mahabharata,the EPIC of the highest order. Vathsala Jayaraman


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