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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday June 2, 2022 1) Soorya Krishnamurthy's Ganapathy Idols Collection https://youtu.be/9WzvNqNdBGI 2) Sandrananda... : Narayaneeyam https://youtu.be/hNEYloYvxhI (P Leela) 3) Vishwaroopam https://youtu.be/CsW8360rgYM Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1531729006071951360?s=20&t=wk8k0VzXkSKx89B1lvmVqQ Unity in Diversity - 269 संत ची संगति संत कथा रसु संत प्रेम माझै दीजै देवा देव Oh Devta of the Devtas (Almighty God), bless me with love for your devotees (saints), their company and their discussions about you, your virtues Bhagat Ravidass, Assa, 486, SGGS B Current Affairs CNBC Interview : Shaktikanta Das https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_SpeechesView.aspx?Id=1307 Shaktikanta Das *** With regard to crypto, we have been cautioning about crypto and look at what has happened to the crypto market. Now, had we been regulating it, or any other regulator being rigged, then the markets have crashed. Obviously, people would be raising questions about what happened to regulation? So, therefore, this is something, a product whose underlying is nothing. There are big questions, how do you regulate it. On Cryptos, our position remains very clear. It will seriously undermine the monetary, financial and macroeconomic stability of India. And we stick to that position. We have conveyed our position to the government and the government will take a considered call and I think the utterances, the statements coming out from the government are more or less in sync with. They're also equally concerned. C Babusenan's Column : Amanuensis* Boswell, an 18th century Edinburgh lawyer, entered the English dictionary as any person who writes a reliable biography of a contemporary famous person. He got this privilege on account of his writing the biography of the famous English lexicographer, Dr. Samuel Johnson. Unfortunately, he could not find a place in his master's dictionary as it was somewhat too early. We know that Sherlock Holmes, the world famous detective, frequently called his lodgemate affectionately "My Boswell" But for Dr Watson, the admirable Sherlock Holmes stories wouldn't have been born. Holmes was said to be particularly happy that his Boswell was intellectually much inferior to him. Another Boswell of several centuries earlier was Xenophon who was a biographer and amanuensis of the great Socrates. All scholars, except Bertrand Russell, were convinced that xenophon, being a soldier much inferior to Socrates intellectually, would have faithfully recorded whatever Socrates said. Russell, on the contrary, held the view that Xenophon would have omitted what he could not grasp and/or wrongly understood what he had heard. In his 'History of Western Philosophy' Russell said that, if he were to have an amanuensis for his philosophic opinions, he would prefer a philosopher even if he were his enemy. The greatest amanuensis known to the world is Lord Ganesh. But for his agreeing to be his amanuensis, the great Vyasa could not have written the voluminous epic Mahabharata. Ganesh agreed to do the job on one condition : There should not be any interruption in the dictation. The counter condition was that he should not take down anything without fully grasping its meaning first. It is said that whenever Vyasa needed some rest, he would say something that Ganesh would take time to understand! All cannot be like Lord Ganesh. Many are in fact dullards. Such an one was Melputhoor's amanuensis. When Melputhoor thought of writing a long poem in praise of Guruvayoorappan, hoping a cure for his extremely painful rheumatism, he sent his amanuensis to Tirur to seek the blessings of Ezhutthassan, the father of modern Malayalam literature. To the amanuensis Ezhutthassan simply said : "Tell him to take fish first." The former was taken aback. He stammered : "Sir, sir, he is Brahmin. How can I..." He was stopped. "Go and tell him what I said." Saying this Ezhutthassan closed his eyes. The poor fellow returned to Guruvayoor. "Could you meet Ezhutthassan? What did he say? " asked Melputhoor. "I saw the liquor bottle by his side. He only said : 'tell him to take fish first'. He refused to clarify and closed his eyes. He seemed to be under the influence of liquor" Melputhoor smiled. He said : "I am happy. He agreed with what I had in mind. You fool, he wanted me to begin the work with the fish avataar of Lord Vishnu. Now take down: Saandraanandaava bodhatmakamanupamitham.." *An amanuensis is a person employed to write or type what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another, and also refers to a person who signs a document on behalf of another under the latter's authority. The term is often used interchangeably with secretary or scribe. D Collage Essay : Vathsala Jayaraman Nothing 1 More than anything, 'Nothing to Nothing' by M G Warrier enchanted me a lot in today's Collage. It made me contemplate a little. Sometime back I had a book, with a fancy cover, with the title "What men know about women?" printed in block letters. All pages were blank, milky white, not a single word written. But there were hundreds of reviews and responses. "The sheets between the front and back cover are virgin and sparkling white not tainted by lies and half truths." "The crystal clean blemishless pages reflect your open mindedness about women" etc. I am reminded of a story in Tamil on reading the book. A king conducted a competition to select the best painter. Hundreds participated. Finally two were short listed. Both the paniters were asked to stand with their backs facing each other selected. The stipulated time arrived. The king stood before one painting. It was a superb painting of natural scenery with trees, clouds, river, playing kids, fish underneath etc etc. The king appreciated the painter and gave awards. Now he went near the second board. It was an exact replica of the opposite painting. There was a big screen. There were guards. How was it possible to exactly duplicate the work done by the opposite party? The king thought for a while. He went near the board. The board was blank. There was no painting at at all. The painter has utilised his full time to clean and polish the board so well that it reflected the painting of the artist painting at the opposite side. Even a small dirt on the opposite board was clearly reflected. The king obviously selected the second one as the best artist for the efforts he had taken to keep the back ground so blemishless so that it could reflect 100% of the image opposite to it. The king revealed a great philosophy out of the undrawn painting. We need not struggle ourselves to make God reside in our hearts by so many methodologies and techniques, meditation, dhyana, prayers, poojas etc etc. God need not be brought from outside. He already exists. We have just to clean up mind /heart and keep it blemishless so that the internal God shines! Vathsala Jayaraman Nothing 2 Warrier's poem on NOTHING screwed up my mind. Recently I happened to read an article in a magazine in Tamil publishing spiritual topics. A particular article interested me. I furnish hereunder the details in the conversation format between a computer geek sishya and a Guru. Sishya : What is spirituality? or Vedanta G : Spirituality teaches that all beings are one. It signifies universal oneness. Sishya : What does that mean? G : It means all creatures including animals and non human objects are as good as human beings. The Sanskrit phrase 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' stresses the concept that the entire universe is my family and all beings are one. Spirituality or Vedanta emphasizes the need to be humble and not to have ego or arrogance arising out of intellect or power or status. S : If all beings are one. where does God fit into? G : One may realise that God, the Supreme is essentially a state of ZERO, the state in which one is desireless. S : Spiritually speaking, what should be the aim of of one's life? G : Spiritually the ultimate aim of a human being is to transform himself from the state of ONE to the state of ZERO. S : How is religiosity different from spirituality? G : Religiosity describes human beings as ZERO. In many of the religious discourses we hear that we are NOTHING but a miniscule of God. To say that without God, one is nothing but ZERO. S : Just like spiritualiry, does religiosity also treat all creatures equal? G : Religiosity conceives that human beings with reason are in a better plane than animals and plants. S : If all beings are ZERO, where does God fit in as per religiosity? G : As per Religiosity, God, the supreme is in the higher realm of ONEness. God is one. 'Sabkaa Malik EK' Sai Baba said S : What is the aim of life as per religiosity? G : As per Religiosity the aim of man is to transform himself from ZERO to ONE. Now do you consider yourself -as ZERO or ONE? S : Perhaps I have to consult Google Guru for answering this question. If I don't get any answer, I shall consider myself a bit of ZERO and ONE : A binary code for computers. Today is the world of computers. It needs both ZERO and ONE and various combinations of ZEROs and ONEs Does it mean we need both spirituality and religiosity? Moral : It is better to lead a life of your own, doing good to the best possible ways, accepting challenges of life as it comes. It does not matter whether one is branded spiritual or religious. A big full stop to ONE and ZERO. Let us be our own selves. Vathsala Jayaraman E Blogs and Links Celebrations https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/significance-of-celebrations-38034/ Many are experiencing the “fish-out-of-water” situation created by the pandemic. Rest of us who are still able to interact and respond have the added responsibility to make such people comfortable. As pandemic recedes, instead of staying put in the new environment we have created with the help of technology, we should quickly restore the earlier social systems including festivals and other opportunities for social interactions, of course, taking all precautions to ensure health protection and safety. F Leisure Principle of JUST LEAVE IT - Try convincing a person once or twice. If he or she refuses to get convinced Just Leave it - When the children grow up and take their own decisions, do not impose Just Leave it - Your frequency doesn't match with everyone in life. If you can't connect with someone Just Leave it - After a certain age if someone criticises you don't get upset Just Leave it - When you realise that nothing is in your hands, stop worrying about others and the future Just Leave it - When the gap between your wish list and your capabilities increases, stop self expectations Just Leave it - Everyone's path of life, size of life, quality of life is different, so stop comparing Just Leave it - When life has given you such a wonderful treasure of experience, stop counting your daily earnings, but Just Leave it - If this does NOT Appeal or Apply to You OR If this is repeat... Just Leave it🙏 Shared by S R Badrinarayanan G Quotes on abbreviations https://www.azquotes.com/quotes/topics/abbreviations.html What modern technology has done has afforded us the luxury of abbreviation and being concise with time, I think. Things that it would take you a week to do can now be done in a day, which is absolutely awesome because you can concentrate on the bigger picture. Justin Broadrick Justin Karl Michael Broadrick is an English musician, singer and songwriter. He is best known as a founding member of the band Godflesh, one of the first bands to combine elements of extreme metal and industrial music.


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