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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday June 26, 2022 🙏 Good Morning Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday, July 2, 2022. Best Wishes and Ayurarogyasaukhyam to all readers. Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/ Responses 1) Vishnu Kelkar Today's Guest of Honour : Parrot 🦜 Parrots are considered a symbol of love, longevity and good luck. Even in Chinese culture, parrots are considered a symbol of auspiciousness and divinity. The parrot is vahana of Kama, God of love. The following is a story of the Brave Parrot (Buddhist). The story begins with a little Parrot in the middle of a terrible storm. The little Parrot immediately alerted other animals yelling 'Fire, Fire' as loudly as possible, pointing them towards the river, while doing so, Parrot rose high in to the sky so it could reach the water. As Parrot looked down he saw that many animals couldn't escape the flames. Parrot went into the river, desperate to gather as much water as it could on his wings. The Bird returned over the forest through dark black smoke to the middle of the flames and shook its watery feathers. Parrot did this repeatedly with singed feathers, lungs full of smoke, blurry eyes and painful feet.The Devas who floated overhead from their heavenly palace looked down. They saw the Parrot and all but one Deva laughed at the creature. One Deva turned itself into a Golden Eagle lying right into the Parrot's path. The Deva tried to change Parrots path and mind by telling the Bird how foolish its efforts were. Over and over, the Eagle cried, but Parrot continued saying all it needed was someone to help. Upon reflection the Deva realised that it had the power to help, so the Deva joined in the task, drenched itself repeatedly. The Parrot became hopeful and laughed with joy. As the water from the Eagle touched the land new life came forth from out of the ashes. When those water drops touched the Parrot its wings filled with bright, handsome colours. All the animals rejoiced seeing they were whole and celebrated their brave friend. VNKelkar 2) Kiran Warrier's Blog https://madoversoccer.blogspot.com/2022/06/a-fantastic-world-cup-is-loading.html?m=1 Kiran shared his first Sports Blog Post. When one gives expression to one's thoughts on a subject in which one has deep interest, words smoothly flow and take attractive shape. I am aware of Kiran's interest in sports particularly in football. But for the pandemic break he has been a regular presence on holidays in grounds in his locality (Navi Mumbai). Wish him success in his new avtar as sports writer 🙏-MG Warrier 3) Media Response : Taming inflation June 25, 2022 Taming inflation This refers to the report "RBI sees inflation falling back into its tolerance band by Q4 of FY23" (June 25). When positive news generally gets camouflaged, hope of inflation coming under control, expressed by someone in the know of things, is comforting. The icing is, Dr Michael Patra's assessment is based on visible trends in the inflation trajectory as evidenced by the report that "... headline CPI inflation had moderated to 7 percent in May from 7.8 percent in April 2022" Considering the developments during the last two years, GOI and RBI may review the band fixed for the benchmark inflation rate as measured by the CPI at 4 percent within a band of+/- 2 percentage points. This suggestion is in the context of the RBI Deputy Governor's observation that "...it is our hope that required monetary policy actions in India will be more moderate than elsewhere in the world and that we will be able to bring inflation back to target within a two-year time span." M G Warrier Mumbai 4) S Nallasivan About Parrots & Crows They say even Dogs have their own day. Today we have dedicated it to Parrots. Shri C.V.Subbaraman has mentioned about Sukavana at Mysore, the sanctuary of Parrots. He too has the fortune of witnessing Parrots that came to feed on the ripe Neem fruits from the tree opposite to his Flat. I have had Crows as visitors when staying at Egmore, Chennai and they arrived at the Kitchen window to get their morning breakfast, to be fed from my hands.* *Link for the Video : https://photos.app.goo.gl/7MNRDHtJARkNwNP57 Continued at H2 B Current Affairs Speech: Michael Patra Deputy Governor Reserve Bank of India https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_SpeechesView.aspx?Id=1314 Geopolitical Spillovers and the Indian Economy (Keynote Address delivered by Michael Debabrata Patra, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India - June 24, 2022 - Standalone session on ‘Geopolitical Spillovers and the Indian Economy’ organised by the PhD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi) Monetary policy is usually unsung. Whenever risks surround the Indian economy, the RBI rises up with everything at its command in defence of the Indian economy. When the danger recedes, the RBI reposes back to anonymity, ready to rise again when the going gets tough. It may be a premature prognosis, but there are indications that inflation may be peaking. As monetary policy works through into the economy and inflation falls back into the tolerance band by the fourth quarter of 2022-23, it will be the playing out of the baseline scenario. In an alternative simulation which incorporates the policy actions undertaken so far, the easing of inflation could be even sooner and faster. The key is the direction of change in inflation – not its level – in these extraordinary times. Against this backdrop, it is our hope that required monetary policy actions in India will be more moderate than elsewhere in the world and that we will be able to bring inflation back to target within a two-year time span. If the monsoon brings with it a more benign outlook on food prices, India would have tamed the inflation crisis even earlier. Without a doubt, the impact of geopolitical risks will cause a very grudging decline in inflation and a possible breach of the accountability criteria, but India would succeed in bending down the future trajectory of inflation, winning the war in spite of losing the battle. If real GDP growth averages between 6-7 percent of GDP in 2022-23 and 2023-24, the recovery that is increasingly solidifying gets a fair chance of traction. The RBI will have fulfilled its mandate of prioritising price stability while being mindful of growth. C https://madrascourier.com/environment/millions-of-years-ago-the-megalodon-ruled-the-oceans-why-did-it-disappear/ D Faith Sunday Collage : V T Panchapagesan SUNDAY COLLAGE PARENTS ARE LIKE EVERGREEN TREES BECAUSE THEY THRIVE THROUGH EVERY SEASON Please read this carefully, duly inspired without perspiration. This post is about what happened in a typical middle-class household. The son didn't like living in his father's house. This was because of his father's constant‘nagging'; “You are leaving the room without switching off the fan” “The TV is on in the room where there is no one. Switch it off!” “Keep the pen in the stand; it is fallen down” The son didn't like his father nagging him for these minor things. He had to tolerate these things till yesterday since he was with them in the same house. But today, however, he had an invitation for a job interview. Continued at H1 2) Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1540420164797116416?s=20&t=rd-xD1Gy5TlPQzjX43Plaw Unity in Diversity - 293 जो तनु तै अपनो करि मानिओ अरु सुंदर ग्रिह नारी इन मैं कछु तेरो रे नाहनि देखो सोच बिचारी That body and your beautiful wife (spouse) that you consider your own None of this is yours, reflect and understand Guru Tegh Bahadur, Gauri, 220, SGGS E Collage Essay : Vathsala Jayaraman Subject: Ashtavakra Gita -1 Ashta Vakra Gita is more difficult to understand than Bhagavat Gita. At least certain portions of Bhagvat Gita we are able to understand with our limited knowledge. Ashta Vakra Gita is in the form of conversation between King Janaka and the sage Ashtavakra who was born with 8 curves in his body with awkward looks. Ashta Vakra Gita is the essence of Advaita Vedanta. It may be observed that in Bhagavad-Gita stress is given more on Karma and leave the fruits of Karma to God and things relating to papas and punyas. Continued at H1 F Leisure Japanese Technology Vs Indian Commonsense* In Japan, in a soap manufacturing company the soap blocks were made, then wrapped in a wrapping paper automatically on an assembly conveyer belt and finally packed in cartons... Many a times it happened that the wrapping machine wrapped the paper without soap. i.e. you had an empty packet without soap. To rectify this problem the Japanese company bought a X-ray scanner from the US for $60,000 to check on the assembly line whether the container contained soap and wasn't empty. A similar problem happened at Nirma Soaps, in Ahmedabad in INDIA. Guess what they did? They bought a bajaj fan costing around Rs.1500/- and placed it on the edge of the assembly line. The empty wrappers, without soaps just blew away! And You Say Japanese are Advanced in Technology. We are INCREDIBLY BRILLIANT INDIANS *Shared by Yooseffe via WhatsApp Group G Prayers 🙏 https://chaplaincyinstitute.org/portfolio-items/20-quotes-from-the-ancient-scriptures-of-hinduism/ Like : The human body is the temple of God. One who kindles the light of awareness within gets true light. The sacred flame of your inner shrine is constantly bright. The experience of unity is the fulfillment of human endeavors. The mysteries of life are revealed. (Rig Veda) H 1) Continued from D1 “As soon as I get the job, I should leave this town. There won't be any nagging from my father" were his thoughts. As he was about to leave for the interview, the father advised : “Answer the questions put to you without any hesitation. Even if you don't know the answer, mention that confidently." His gave him more money than he actually needed to attend the interview. The son arrived at the interview centre. He noticed that there were no security guards at the gate. Even though the door was open, the latch was protruding out probably hitting the people entering through the door. He put the latch back properly, closed the door and entered the office. On both sides of the pathway he could see beautiful flower plants. The gardener had kept the water running in the hose-pipe and was not to be seen anywhere. The water was overflowing on the pathway. He lifted the hosepipe and placed it near one of the plants and went further. There was no one in the reception area. However, there was a notice saying that the interview was on the first floor. He slowly climbed the stairs. The light that was switched on last night was still burning at 10 am in the morning. He remembered his father's admonition,“Why are you leaving the room without switching off the light?”and thought he could still hear that now. Even though he felt irritated by that thought, he sought the switch and switched off the light. Upstairs in a large hall he could see many aspirants sitting waiting for their turn. He looked at the number of people and wondered if he had any chance of getting the job. He entered the hall with some trepidation and stepped on the “Welcome" mat placed near the door. He noticed that the mat was upside down. He straightened out the mat with some irritation. Habits die hard. He saw that in a few rows in the front there were many people waiting for their turn, whereas the back rows were empty, but a number of fans were running over those rows of seats. He heard his father's voice again,“Why are the fans running in the room where there is no one?”He switched off the fans that were not needed and sat at one of the empty chairs. He could see many men entering the interview room and immediately leave from another door. There was thus no way anyone could guess what was being asked in the interview. When it was his turn, he went and stood before the interviewer with some trepidation and concern. The officer took the certificates from him and without looking at them asked, “When can you start work?” >> He thought, "Is this a trick question being asked in the interview, or is this a signal that I have been offered the job?” He was confused. “What are you thinking?” asked the boss. “We didn't ask anyone any question here. By asking a few questions we won't be able to assess the skills of anyone. So our test was to assess the attitude of the person. We kept certain tests based on the behaviour of the candidates and we observed everyone through CCTV. No one who came today did anything to set right the latch at the door, the hose pipe, the welcome mat, the uselessly running fans or lights. You were the only one who did that. That's why we have decided to select you for the job", said the boss. He always used to get irritated at his father's discipline and demonstrations. Now he realized that it is only the discipline that has got him his job. His irritation and anger at his father vanished completely. He decided that he would bring his father too to his workplace and left for home happily. Whatever our father tells us is only for our good aimed at giving us a bright future! A rock doesn't become a beautiful sculpture if it resists the pain of the chisel chipping it away. For us to become a beautiful sculpture and a human being we need to accept admonitions that chisel out the bad habits and behaviour from ourselves. That is what our father does when he disciplines us. The mother lifts the child up on her waist to feed her, to cuddle her, and to put her to sleep. But the father is not like that. He lifts the child up on his shoulders to make her see the world that he couldn't see. We can realize the pain the mother undergoes by listening to her; but the father's pain can be realized only when others tell us about it. Our father is our teacher when we are five years old; a terrible villain when we are about twenty, and a guidepost as long as he lives... Mothers can go to her daughter's or son's home when she's old; but the father doesn't know how to do that... There is no use in hurting our parents when they are alive and remembering about them when they have passed away. Treat them well always. This is an example of mentorship. When we are HUMBLE, we have everyone's advice and wisdom. When we are PROUD, W have only our own. V T Panchapagesan 2) Continued from E But according to Ashta Vakra, all souls are innocent contrary to the findings in all religions : "Paavigale. Ungal sumaiyai Jesus Etrukkolvaar" etc. According to this Gita, even longing for vision of God, Vishwaroopa Darshan etc are very trivial. According to Ashta Vakra, knowledge is important. As we grow up in the ladder of knowledge, one will understand that the knower and knowledge are not different things. Knower disappears from the scene and knowledge alone remains, that is the essence of Advaita. Ultimately it is meant to say "summa iru maname". It is left to yourself to read the commentary given below. Ashtavakra's dialogue with the Emperor Janaka are known as the Ashtavakra's Gita . Not much is known about Ashtavakra and very little historical records exist. Only few incidents are known which signify the flavour of the being whom society had labelled Ashtavakra. One such is when Ashtavakra was born. His father who was a well know Vedic Scholar would recite the Vedas everyday while Ashtavakra was still in the womb. One day came a voice from the womb "This is all nonsense. Mere collection of words, no wisdom. Is wisdom found in scriptures? Is truth found in words? Wisdom and Truth are only in oneself." Enraged at being challenged, he being the great erudite scholar, the father cursed that the boy will be born deformed in eight places. Ashtavakra was born deformed, body bent in 8 places (hence the name Ashtavakra). The second incident was as a 12 year old boy, Ashtavakra goes to call his father from a debate which was going on for very long at the court of the emperor Janak. His father being a profound Vedic scholar was debatiing with other scholars on the meaning of Truth in the presence of emperor Janaka. Entering the court to look for his father, the scholars looking at the hunchback, bent in 8 direction many burst out laughing. Looking at them Ashtavakra in turn burst out laughing. Such was the force of Ashtavakra's laugh that the court was rendered silent. Emperor Janak asked why Ashtavakra was laughing. Answered Ashtavakra "I am laughing because Truth is being decided in this conference of "chamars" (cobblers). Now "chamars" are the lowest caste in the India caste system and to call Vedic scholars and Pundits "chamars" is to invite the death penalty, those days. In that shocked silence in the court, Emperor Janak asked Ashtavakra to explain what he meant. Said Ashtavakra " Like cobblers who only know the skin, this gathering only sees my deformed body, not me. My body is twisted, not me but these cobblers cannot see that. What Truth can they see." Just these two incidents are known about this mystic Ashtavakra. Ashta vakra Gita-2 Answering Janak's question on bondage Ashtavakra replies : "You are alone, void, self illuminated and innocent. Your real bondage is this : that you practice Samadhi (Enlightenment, Freedom) The Truth is that you permeate this whole cosmos and you lay claim on trivialities? Samadhi (Enlightenment) cannot be practiced, cannot be prepared for, because samadhi is your very nature. You can practice what is not your nature but to know your nature you have to drop all practices. All religions lay down spiritual practices. They have nothing to do with knowing one's nature. "You are innocent" This is a revolutionary statement. All priests of all religions whether it be Christianity, Hinduism, Islam preach that you are a sinner, to cleanse yourself of all sin, repent for your bad karmas, become released from them and then and only then you can attain. If karmas of your millions of lifetimes , each had to be accounted for, then forget Liberation, it will be impossible because it would take another million lifetimes to account. And secondly as you account for your past karmas, you pile up fresh ones. Ashtavakra says you are innocent. Elsewhere Ashtavakra talks to Janak of the six life waves. -Hunger and thirst -Sadness and Happiness -Birth and Death Hunger and Thirst are the waves of the body, needs of the body. If there is no body, there is no hunger or thirst. Sadness and Happiness are of the mind, these are plays, games of the mind, the play of affection and disgust, attraction and repulsion. Inside one in whom the mind has ceased there is no sadness, no happiness. These are but waves of the mind. Birth and Death are waves of the Life-Energy associated with the breath. And Birth and Death are not events separated by 60-70 years. It is happening every second. Every incoming breath is Life. Every outgoing breath is Death. Life and Death happening every moment are just waves of Life-Energy. These are the six waves and Ashtavakra says you are beyond these six waves, You are the observer of these six waves. You are alone. You are not your body You are not your thoughts You are not your breath. You are alone , void of action Out of hunger the body may have done something, not You. Out of it's needs, the mind may have done something, not You Out of it's necessities Life-Energy births or dies, not You. You are innocent of all doings, just the observer of all these doings. Know this in totality and You discover that you are free this moment and all karmas are games you played in a dream while asleep. Know this in totality and You discover that you were never "not-free" ever and all your experiences, profound ones and mundane ones were acts in a dream drama. With the awakening is the apperception of the fact that the entire dream drama, is just that- a perfect dramatization. And then You can laugh the Primal Laugh at all the guilt you assumed on yourself and carried. "You permeate this whole cosmos and you lay claim on trivialities?" Look at your claims. Trivialities. When you can claim the whole, you are bent on chasing crumbs, a vision of God, an experience. Know the whole and find that you and the whole are not two. Because in knowing is the disappearing of the "you". In knowing, is the disappearance of the "knower" of the knowing. Leaving only knowing. Is it not very difficult to understand and appreciate? Vathsala Jayaraman 3) Continued from A4 It would appear strange but they have decided preference for egg omelette. I am attaching a small clip on the pair of Crows. Yes I know we have been discussing only about Parrots. At Chennai in the heart of the City, Royapettah one gentleman have the fortune of receiving Parrots, possibly a few hundreds as guests and fed by him. He says that he feeds them with soaked rice, a Clear 15 Kgs daily, no less. They maintain and stick to time and arrive en masse. And after having their stomach fed full they vanish and the place have no trace of any parrot.. One has to pinch himself that it was not a dream. But then by the stroke of their feeding time they arrive the next day. Now on to Royapettah, Chennai. I am conscious that warrier never allow any supplements to the topic discussed already to heart's content. But then he can enjoy the clip in a way rare by himself S Nallasivan https://www.vikatan.com/news/politics/video-1686


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