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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday July 1, 2022 🙏 1) Music before sleeping https://youtu.be/YojwmuZSbJk 2) Know More : https://www.studyfinds.org/music-before-bed-older-adults/ 3) Gopinath Muthukad : Magician from God's Own Country https://youtu.be/fsuF_iuBIak Know More : https://muthukad.com/magic-academy/ (Links Selection : M G Warrier) Collage Editorial Good Morning Frankly, I was not aware that readers are this much supportive of Collage. Collage closes* the discussion on doubts about its own DNA for the time being. Thanks to readers who expressed their views without reserve on the subject. Hope you will enjoy today's content. *Suggested reading : Knowing when to stop By M G Warrier : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/knowing-when-to-stop-and-make-a-new-beginning-2-30331/ During my trade union days, circa the 1960s, I had a friend, philosopher and guide V who was my senior colleague and President of the only Trade Union in our workplace, then. I have learnt many things from him during the few years we worked together. One lesson that I learnt from him and used to quote off and on during the last 50 plus years is the “need to know when to stop*”. *Not covered in the article, but includes stopping intruders/tresspassers into your workplace and life 🙏-Warrier Thanks & Best Regards M G Warrier Today in Collage A Messages/Responses B Profile: Sigmund Freud C Collage Books : It's All In Your Head D Faith E Blogs & Links F Leisure : Jokes about idiosyncracies G Quotes on psychiatrists A Messages /Responses 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Getting delighted over liberal praise is a sad lesson that man learned from Gods. Yet, it is a truth. Today morning gave me a lot of pleasure. The perusal of Collage opened my eyes to the real worth of some of its contributors and to the fact that it is a 'Sethubandhan', where, like the proverbial squirrel, I too have taken part. I feel proud of it. In such a discussion, the question as to whether it is produced by a person single-handedly or not, is not that relevant and, in fact, sullies its lustre. (I agree. But Collage which was started to divert attention from irrelevant things, occasionally gets dragged into trivials. I think the company we keep plays a role. But on the whole I'm enjoying the drive. Sideshows are interesting. Thanks ☺️-Warrier) 2) Madan Gauria Thanks a lot to Sh M G Warrier. At least someone thought of Moderators also. Actually when a new building is constructed everyone appreciates its outward beauty but no one talks about its foundation which is taking the entire load. Same is the case with moderators. Both our groups (Rbicf and Exrbites) were started in 2009 one in Chennai and other in Chandigarh not knowing of each other. I think it was Shri K Balasubramanian from Coimbatore who told me about Chennai Group and I contacted Sh Chandraiah. Thereafter many members joined both the Groups. It is now more than 13 years, both Groups are running smoothly with support of almost 1500 members. How far we have succeeded, it is for members to decide. I must convey my sincere thanks to all members for their continuous support and cooperation. madan gauria 3) K Ramasubramanian Shared a relevant research finding : It is recorded that an average man uses about 7000 words daily. (including nod etc) while a female can use about 20000 words daily. Man by the time he returns home he has already used more than 90% of his words and has little words and exhausted. Females are very eager to use their balance of words with her husband who simply nods or answers yes or no only. Wife feels husband does not care for her and there starts problems . 4) Kiran Warrier Mumbai I wish to confirm to all* the readers that Collage is single handedly put together by my father. The credit should go to all the regular contributors for its rich content. Reshmy and myself have no role in the production. *Only one reader had a doubt. I have clarified it. Except him, all readers have understood the position. So, today, Collage is discussing Psychology-M G Warrier B Collage Profile : Sigmund Feud, Author of Interpretation of Dreams https://www.britannica.com/biography/Sigmund-Freud In what many commentators consider his master work, Die Traumdeutung (published in 1899, but given the date of the dawning century to emphasize its epochal character; The Interpretation of Dreams), he presented his findings. Interspersing evidence from his own dreams with evidence from those recounted in his clinical practice, Freud contended that dreams played a fundamental role in the psychic economy. The mind’s energy—which Freud called libido and identified principally, but not exclusively, with the sexual drive—was a fluid and malleable force capable of excessive and disturbing power. Needing to be discharged to ensure pleasure and prevent pain, it sought whatever outlet it might find. If denied the gratification provided by direct motor action, libidinal energy could seek its release through mental channels. Or, in the language of The Interpretation of Dreams, a wish can be satisfied by an imaginary wish fulfillment. All dreams, Freud claimed, even nightmares manifesting apparent anxiety, are the fulfillment of such wishes. C Collage Books : It's All In Your Head https://www.amazon.in/dp/B00T5H3Y2K/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_62WX70S8Q4QPEHVTRNAX A neurologist explores the very real world of psychosomatic illness. Suzanne O'Sullivan finds the secrets we are all capable of keeping from ourselves. Pauline first became ill when she was fifteen. What seemed to be a urinary infection became joint pain, then life-threatening appendicitis. After a routine operation Pauline lost all the strength in her legs. Shortly afterwards, convulsions started. But Pauline's tests are normal : her symptoms seem to have no physical cause whatsoever. This may be an extreme case, but Pauline is not alone. As many as a third of people visiting their GP have symptoms that are medically unexplained. In most, an emotional root is suspected which is often the last thing a patient wants to hear and a doctor to say. We accept our hearts can flutter with excitement and our brows can sweat with nerves, but on this journey into the very real world of psychosomatic illness, Suzanne O'Sullivan finds the secrets we are all capable of keeping from ourselves. Bonus : 1) Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl Within each of us are powers and abilities we underestimate, but which can carry us through many challenges. You're stronger than you think. 2) Making people talk https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/how-be-burden/202206/how-help-people-open-when-they-don-t-want When someone chooses to hide something, they're protecting themselves—like a castle with the drawbridge up. If you want them to risk opening the door, you're going to have to give them proof that it's safe. There are two main reasons that someone isn't talking to you about their problems: Either they don't want to talk to you about it or they don't know how to talk about it. If it's the former, then you, something about you, or your involvement in a situation might be the reason they aren't opening up. You could be part of the problem or maybe they don't want you to judge them, so they're keeping quiet. In that scenario, your friend or family member is probably feeling ashamed, afraid, or guilty. (Last two days Collage was experimenting with this idea 💡-Warrier) D Philosophy/Faith 1) Dr Charan Singh Unity in Diversity - 298 पतित पावन माधउ बिरदु तेरा धंनि ते वै मुनि जन जिन धिआइओ हरि प्रभु मेरा God, your innate nature is to purify the sinners Blessed are those sages and devotees who meditate on my God Namdev, Dhanasri, 694, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1542278379159687168?s=20&t=zUO1_B-C-9AXbwsvJb953Q 2) Anayasena Maranam https://shlokam.org/anayasena/ (Link Courtesy : P R R Nayar Thiruvananthapuram) E Blogs & Links 1) Psychology Today Magazine https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/magazine/archive 2) The lies we tell ourselves https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/articles/202111/the-lies-we-tell-ourselves We filter the world through lenses that bend to accommodate our egos and diminish our self-perceived failures. Greater awareness of this natural tendency, though, can foster healthy skepticism and lead to concrete actions that help us see ourselves and our place in the world more clearly. 3) Paranoid Delusions : M G Warrier https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/paranoid-delusions-29460/ A super-intelligent person. An excellent human being. Hard-working. Good orator. A spiritual seeker. B was all in one. He believed, the organisation in which he worked and the entire govt establishment were spying against him and working 24×7 to annihilate him. To my knowledge, he didn’t get any medical/psychiatrist help as, from the way he behaved, no one those days doubted any ailment. He lost his job a couple of years prior to his actual date of superannuation. I knew him personally. When he visited Office weeks after losing his job, I went and met him when he was discussing some personal issues with a colleague. I was sitting next to him. This is what he said : “Mr Warrier, don’t take the risk of talking to me. There are cameras above and even in the fan (Year was 1986…CCTVs were not heard of!). You also will be in trouble…” That was the nature of the ailment. F Leisure Ambiguity & Idíosyncracies https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/132202-ambiguity-and-idiosyncracies/ WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU SEE AN ENDANGERED ANIMAL EATING AN ENDANGERED PLANT ? G Quotes on Psychiatrists https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/psychiatrist-quotes Medicine was certainly intended to be a career. I wanted to become a psychiatrist, an adolescent ambition which, of course, is fulfilled by many psychiatrists. The doctor/psychiatrist figures in my writing are alter egos of a kind, what I would have been had I not become a writer - a personal fantasy that I've fed into my fiction. J. G. Ballard


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