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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday June 7, 2022 1) Snake Temple Mannarassala Kerala https://youtu.be/2IKzw0DWz7c 2) Know more about Snake Worship in India https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/snake-temples-across-india Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier Faith Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1533533703808266240?s=20&t=VldVame1dpx6R7_nhtmF2g Unity in Diversity - 274 चाकरु लगै चाकरी नाले गारबु वादु गला करे घणेरीआ खसम न पाए सादु A servant acting in vain/ego, engaging in arguments, talking too much is not liked by the Master (Which servant is liked: Obedient, dedicated, aligned with Master) Guru Angad, Asa, 474, SGGS A Responses/Messages 1) V T Panchapagesan Number four is symbolic to Lord Ganesha . On Sankatahara Chaturthi People go and worship. Yes, four is also SYMBOLIC TO:: Worker. Trader. Leader. Thinker Outer self. Inner self Real self. Supreme self Dharma. Artha. Kama. Moksha Celibacy. Household. Recluse. Mendicant Namasamkirtan Pooja Yagyam. Meditation Kali yug. Dwapura. Tretayuga. Kritayuga Patience. Discipline. Knowledge. Senses control Pratyaksha Anumana. Upamana. Sabdaswaroopa Body. Mind. Intellect. Self realisation And so on Guidelines how humans have to live having born in this mundane world. If not, why not? We have to answer. 2) C V Subbaraman Four is significant. Vedas are Four. Dishas ( main directions East West North South) are Four. In Tamil convesations, we say "Naalu Peridam sollanam, Naalu per paathaakka enna solluvaa, etc). Four Varnaas (Lord created as said in Gita). Four phases of life, Baalya, Kaumaara, Youvana and Vaardhakya. Four phases of life: Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vaanaprastha and Sanyasa. Indian Gods and goddesses depicted mainly with Four hands (chaturbhuj). Brahma credited with Four faces(Chaturanana). Saraswati said to be master of Chatur dashasu vidyaasu (in Fourteen vidyas, commences with Four they did not say Pancha navasu vidyaasu or Dwi dwaadasha vidyaasu, etc.). 64 Kalaas (arts). Chatushshashti kalaas. which is 4 x 4 x 4! When Vibhishina left Sri Lanka, banished by Ravana, he left with Four other Rakshasaas (Chaturbhir Raakshasaissaha...). In poems, a stanza usually consists of four lines. In Hindi it is called Chaupaayi. Chairs, Tables, Teapoys, and cots, fridges, etc., have usually Four legs. A vast majority of the animals have Four legs : Quadrupeds. And when our life ends, the body is carried by Four persons to the cremation ground. subbaraman 3) T N C Rangarajan Copying reminded me of a book "Steal Like An Artist"*. 1-Sentence-Summary: "Steal Like An Artist" gives you permission to copy your heroes' work and use it as a springboard to find your own, unique style, all while remembering to have fun, creating the right work environment for your art and letting neither criticism nor praise drive you off track." Steal Like An Artist Summary - Four Minute Books https://fourminutebooks.com/steal-like-an-artist-summary/#:~:text=1%2DSentence%2DSummary%3A%20Steal,praise%20drive%20you%20off%20track 4) M G Warrier Mumbai Current Affairs RBI clarification : Design of Currency Notes https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=53812 Excerpts : "There are reports in certain sections of the media that the Reserve Bank of India is considering changes to the existing currency and banknotes by replacing the face of Mahatma Gandhi with that of others. It may be noted that there is no such proposal in the Reserve Bank." B Horoscope https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/born-with-a-horoscope-22215/ Excerpts : I was born past midnight on Tuesday, August 8, 1944, to be exact at 0015 hrs on Wednesday, August 9, 1944. Place of birth was a small outhouse, adjacent to our maternal ancestral house in Malabar. After the birth of my 3 sisters between 1926 and 1939, the arrival of a male child was an occasion for celebration in the family. My mother told me, my size was that of a squirrel and she had been kept warned by those around at the time of delivery that my survival was doubtful. Still, her two uncles who were told by Malayi Ammunni, the middle-aged village ‘midwife’ that my mother had given birth to a boy, howled with joy in the middle of the night. They went out to the portico, glanced at the sky and calculated the time of my birth. C Collage Reading : Mainstream Weekly http://mainstreamweekly.net/article12407.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email (Thayil Jacob Sony George is an writer and biographer who received a Padma Bhushan award in 2011 in the field of literature and education. The fourth of eight siblings, TJS was born in Kerala, India to Thayil Thomas Jacob, a magistrate, and Chachiamma Jacob, a homemaker.) *This article, originally published in The New Indian Express last month is included here not for its controversial value. The author George is older than the oldest reader of Collage. We discussed "Why writers write?" last week (YES, WE DID!). See how a journalist born in 1926 pursues the subjects of his childhood interest (Gandhi, Nehru et al) and makes a living by writing about them and their successors (now focus on Modi). One wonders, if there was a reasonable social security system like a regular retirement benefit/pension scheme for freelancers and artists who entertain us life long, how much we would have lost! 🙏-Warrier D Collage Essay : Vathsala Jayaraman Number 4 I read with interest Shri Subbaraman's response that the word 'divinity', if represented by numbers, it will be 112, still abridged comes to 4- a real lucky number. One man's amrit is another man's poison. Number four is a hated number in China, as the word 'four' sounds similar to the word 'death'. In many of the buildings there is no 4th floor at all. People hate numbers ending in 4 and there is a huge problem in numbering vehicles. They do not want 4 in any of the 6 digits and definitely do not want the number to end in four. Continued at H1 E Babusenan's Column : Two wives The Hindu Trinity, namely, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, have one wife each : Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvathi respectively. The last mentioned has enough place to sit and move around. Anantha has left enough space for the Ksheerasagara kanyaka to sit and do paadaseva to her Lord. The great painter Ravi Varma had generosly provided accommodation to Brahma's consort in a beautiful lake (location unknown) Like her husband, she too sits on a lotus with a veena in her hands. The artist sends the message that she, being the goddess of knowledge, must be so weightless, even with the veena, that a lotus has no difficulty to support her. On the second line, we see some gods have two wives. For instance, Lord Ganesh has Siddhi and Buddhi on either side and his brother Lord Muruga has Valli and Devasena. Being gods they manage their affairs well. Unfortunately, that is not the case with mortals. Some wag put the situation like this : "The poor fellow who has two wives is akin to a rat placed between the fierce snake inside the big hole and the cat outside it" Kunchan Nambiar, the famous Malayalam poet declared without an iota of doubt: " Randu kalathratthe Vetchu porukkunna Thandu thappikku Sukham illorikkalum" (The fool that keeps two wives can never expect a moment of happiness) To prove this point, he narrated the story of Dhruva in his inimitable style. He opens his story thus : "Haven't you heard about the funny happenings in the house of poor Utthanapaada? His elder wife and the younger one have divided between themselves the utensils in his kitchen! "The legendary Utthaanapaada, Dhruva's father, is no king to Nambiar. He is a hapless, two-wived Malayalee householder. F 1) Garden Humour https://www.gardendigest.com/humor.htm "The best way to garden is to put on a wide-brimmed straw hat and some old clothes. And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other, tell somebody else where to dig." - Texas Bix Bender, Don't Throw in the Trowel Texas Bix Bender is the author of eighteen books, including the best-selling Don't Squat With Yer Spurs On series. He has written for television and radio shows, including Hee Haw, the Nashville Network's Tumbleweed Theater, and Riders Radio Theater. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. 2) Follow Google Map* Have you noticed how Google Maps never yells, condemns, or castigates you if you miss a turn? It never raises its voice and says, “You were supposed to turn left, you idiot! Now you're going to have to take the longer route and it's going to cost you more time and gas, and you're going to be late for your meeting!" If it did that, chances are, you might stop using it, however, it simply re-routes and shows you the next best way to your destination. Its primary interest is in getting you to reach your goal, and not in making you feel bad for making a mistake. There's a great lesson here - It's tempting to unload our frustration and anger on those who might have made a mistake, especially those we are close to. However, the wisest choice is to help fix the problem, and not play the blame game. Be a Google Map to your children, spouse, colleagues, and the people you care about. *Forward received from R Jayakumar G Quotes on Indoor Gardens https://www.guyabouthome.com/35-indoor-plants-quotes-to-inspire-you-to-decorate-your-home/ Ever since lockdown started millions have turned to plants for some needed R&R. Indoor plant price has even skyrocketed because of it. Naturally, however, indoor plants have given people a sense of comfort and provide an escape from all the uncertainty. Some even say that it’s their form of daily meditation. H 1) Continued from D In Beijing the cars with number 4 or ending with number 4 are restricted entry on certain hours. With the rise in traffic comes a related dip in happiness, says paper co-author Michael Anderson, an environmental economist at University of California, Berkeley.“On days when #4 plates are restricted, traffic increases and happiness falls," he tells CityLab via email. “And we infer that the former causes the latter (the reverse seems incredibly unlikely).” So it's fair to say that on days when these plates are banned in Beijing, the city is a less happy place. Then again, you might also say that becoming more comfortable with death can lead to a more peaceful life. Something to ponder in traffic. Vathsala Jayaraman


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