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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday August 12, 2022 Thayampaka : Mattannur Sankarankutty & Team https://youtu.be/YTU9XpBR-vk Good Morning 🙏 Today Collage starts with a Thayampaka by Mattannur Sankarankutty and team. Know more : https://www.thehindu.com/features/friday-review/music/adding-to-the-tradition/article4905122.ece Marar told The Hindu : "When I was 12, I joined Gandhi Seva Sadanam, Pathirippala, Palakkad, as a student of Kathakali Chenda under Pallassena Chandra Mannadiyar and Sadanam Vasudevan. After completing the four-year course of Kathakali Chenda, I went to Pattaraath Sankara Marar to learn Idakka. I learnt to play the Thimila under Guru Pallavur Maniyan Marar" Till the end of last Century, there were several families around Palaces and places of worship which supported survival of different art forms. We didn't give them the respect and recognition they deserved. Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) R Jayakumar Timely recall of first Prime Minister of India's "Promises to keep" by Collage. It is never too late even after 75 years, to work for the realisation of unfulfilled promises and it depends on how the provisions of the constitution are upheld by all in letter and spirit. I refreshed myself of your views on this by reading again your article of 2012 titled ' How much of the Indian Constitution is for "We the people"? '. You have said that it is the solemn responsibility of the people to protect the constitutional rights to all. As we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of our Independence, along with flying the National Flag high, all can take a pledge by reading aloud the Preamble to the Constitution to uphold the same. R Jayakumar, Mumbai 2) P V Mohan Krishnan Thiruvananthapuram Shared a link : http://tuningmymelody.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-reasoning-behind-janma-nakshatra.html?m=1 3) Pankajam Narayanan Wishing All Of You A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan. God Bless. 4) T N C Rangarajan Personal Finance : I thought it wise to have an account with CAMS. https://mycams.camsonline.com/ So opened an account and found that it is very useful as it gives the full picture of all the mutual funds that I hold. I think anyone with mutual fund investments should register yourselves with your email ID and mobile number. 5) S W Fadnawis I am overwhelmed to read Shri Babusenan's post on Independence Day, particularly the mention of India's first Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. When there are attempts being made to rewrite the history of Independence Movement and those who spent their entire life in pursuit of welfare of our republic, some people are determined to obliterate their names even. In such times, Shri Babusenan's write up is like a whiff of cool breeze. 6) C V SUBBARAMAN Shared a link : https://m.rediff.com/business/report/indias-gdp-to-contribute-22-to-global-growth-says-morgan-stanley/20220811.htm== B Current Affairs RBI Guidelines on Digital Lending https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=54187 RBI says : The Reserve Bank is statutorily mandated to operate the credit system of the country to its advantage. In this endeavour, the Reserve Bank has encouraged innovation in the financial system, products and credit delivery methods while ensuring their orderly growth, preserving financing stability and ensuring protection of depositors’ and customers’ interest. **** Taking into account the inputs received from diverse set of stakeholders, a regulatory framework to support orderly growth of credit delivery through digital lending methods while mitigating the regulatory concerns, has been firmed up. This regulatory framework is based on the principle that lending business can be carried out only by entities that are either regulated by the Reserve Bank or entities permitted to do so under any other law. Media Response : M G Warrier August 11, 2022 Orderly conduct of Parliament This refers to your editorial "House of disorder" (August 11). The well researched editorial can serve as a background note for taking forward a debate on orderly conduct of legislatures and democratic forums across the country, many of which mimick the negatives of the highest house of democracy in India. There are historic reasons like the absence of a working opposition in our parliament almost till end of the Nehru Era. Sure, lamenting about past mistakes will not solve present problems. As the ailment of unruly behaviour in legislatures has spread to the panchayat level, a solution has to be sought at national level, taking all stakeholders into confidence. Naturally the initiative has to be taken by the central government at the highest level. As a first step, appointment of a High Level Forum with representatives from both the houses of parliament, state legislatures and eminent political thinkers could be considered. The terms of reference, illustratively, could include : 1) Prioritising daily business (Like completing the day's scheduled business before taking up matters that may result in walking out by opposition members) 2) Scope for better management of time (Like extended sessions with compulsory attendance on days when time is lost due to distraction) 3) Voluntary denial of allowances or other perquisites on days the house gets adjourned without completing scheduled business. M G Warrier Mumbai C Collage Children's Books https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09V6NVGBW/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_FYF3Q27MEMDCG4GVWE3J A wish come true. That's what Portia thinks when her parents buy Villa Caprice, a tumbledown Victorian house along the swampy edge of Gone-Away Lake. A new house is always full of surprises, but Porcia is completely unprepared for the extraordinary things that happen when her family moves into a new old house. Empty for half a century, ugly as a horned toad, Villa Caprice is a mildewy, cobwebby, boarded-up, junk-cluttered museum to a way of life long forgotten. But it is also a wonderland, filled to the rafters with fifty years' worth of treasures and secrets - small mysteries that Portia and Julian must solve to uncover the greatest secret of all.... D Story time with Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Mortar and Pestle( ural and Ulakkai)in Bhajan Paddhathi Many of us would have participated in Radha Kalyanam under Bhajana Paddhathi Sampradayam. In addition to oonjal, malai matru etc etc there is a special function called Kotnotsavam. This appears to be a normal tradition with five girls below 10 standing around ural*(Mortar) striking the paddy inside the ural with ulakkai* (pestle). Continued at H 2 *Ural & Ullakai : ZM Wooden Ural (Ural 13x11 cm,ullakai 24x4 cm) https://amzn.eu/d/5rtHksy E Life The long wait... Don't make it longer... Shared by R Jayakumar Are we waiting for some opportunity to meet someone dear to us? The Age Of Relationships The story of four close friends from school, who studied in the same school up to SSC. At that time, there was only one luxury hotel in the city. Continued at H1 F Faith/Spirituality Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1557435627699810304?s=20&t=d2oyJFxu0lURoU_Um0pnzg Unity in Diversity - 340 रे नर नाव चउड़ि कत बोड़ी हरि सिउ तोड़ि बिखिआ संगि जोड़ी Why are you ruining and sinking your boat? Breaking away from Almighty (ocean of virtues) and getting attached to vices Kabir, 328, Gauri, SGGS G Quotes on August https://routinelynomadic.com/august-quotes-sayings/ “Did you know that a bee dies after he stings you? And that there’s a star called Aldebaran? And that around the tenth of August, any year, you can look up in the sky at night and see dozens and dozens of shooting stars?” – Elizabeth Enright Elizabeth Wright Enright Gillham was an American writer of children's books, an illustrator, writer of short stories for adults, literary critic and teacher of creative writing. H 1) Continued from E After the SSC exam, they decided that they should go to that hotel and have some tea and breakfast. The four of them could hardly collect forty rupees. It was a Sunday and all four of them reached the hotel by bicycle at ten-thirty. Dinesh, Santosh, Manish, and Praveen started talking while having breakfast and tea. All four of them decided unanimously, that they would meet again after 40 years in the same hotel on 1st April. "Till then we all should work very hard. It will be interesting to see how much progress has been made after 40 years," they discussed. It was also decided that the last one to reach the hotel then, would have to pay the bill for that day. Kalu, the waiter who served them tea and snacks, was listening to all this. He said, "If I stay here till then, I'll be waiting for you all." All four separated for further education. Dinesh had left the city after his father got relocated, Santosh went to his uncle for further studies, and Manish and Praveen got admission to different colleges in the city. Eventually, Manish also left the city. Days, months, and years passed. In forty years, the city underwent a radical change. The population of the city increased, and roads, flyovers, and malls changed the appearance of the city. Now that hotel had become a five-star hotel, the waiter Kalu had now become Mr. Kalu, the owner of this hotel. Forty years later, on the scheduled date, April 1st, at noon, a luxury car came to the door of the hotel. Dinesh got out of the car and started walking towards the porch. He now had three jewellery showrooms. Dinesh reached the hotel owner Mr. Kalu, and both of them kept looking at each other. Mr. Kalu said, “Praveen sir had booked a table for you a month back.” Dinesh was heartily happy that he was the first of the four, so he wouldn't have to pay the bill that day and would make fun of his friends for it. After a while, Santosh arrived. Santosh had become a big builder of the city. For his age, he now looked like an old senior citizen. Now, they both were talking and waiting for the other friends. The third friend, Manish also came in half an hour. On talking to him, both of them came to know that Manish was now a businessman. The three friends kept looking towards the door again and again, wondering when Praveen would come. Soon, Mr. Kalu came to them and said, "A message has come from Praveen sir. He's asked you all to start with snacks, and he'll join you." All three were happy to meet each other after forty years, laughing and joking for hours, but Praveen did not come. Mr. Kalu said, "Praveen sir has sent another message, you three should order your favourites from the menu and start eating." The food was ordered, but even after they had finished eating, Praveen did not show up. When the three asked for the bill, they were told that the bill has been paid online. At eight o'clock in the evening, a young man got down from the car and with a heavy heart reached the three friends preparing to leave the hotel. The three couldn't take their eyes off the man. The young man said, "I am your friend's son Ravi, my father's name is Praveen. Dad had told me about your get together today, he was waiting for this day, but he passed away last month due to a serious illness... He had asked me to come late because if I had come early, it would have made you all sad. Dad had said, "My friends will not laugh if they come to know that I am not in this world, then they would lose the joy of meeting each other... I don't want that." That's why he ordered me to come late. He also asked me to hug you on his behalf." Ravi spread both his hands with watery eyes. Everyone around was eagerly watching this scene, they thought they had seen this young man somewhere. Ravi said, "My father became a teacher and gave me a good education to become the collector. Today, I am the collector of this city..." Everyone was amazed, Mr. Kalu said, "Now, it won't be after forty years, but we will meet in our hotel every month, and each time there will be a grand party from my side...." Friends, keep meeting your loved ones, don't wait for any opportunity to meet someone, we never know when it's time to get separated and we may never get to meet again... The journey of life is also like a train journey. When someone's station comes, they will have to be dropped at that moment. Only a few blurry memories would remain! Stay with family, feel the joy of being alive.. Keep meeting your loved ones, not only on special days but also on other occasions, and sometimes without any reason too. May the tree of our relationships be nourished by the water of love, for whom we do not have to wait for any reason or opportunity to meet. Dear friends, when you are reading this story, if someone comes to your mind, do talk to them for two minutes. We have all the facilities! "We must take time for the people around us and enjoy the beauty of life." Forwarded by R Jayakumar 2) Continued from D Now this function has a much philosophical impact than all other aspects of Radha kalyanam. The ural represents the mind. The paddy or rice is the jeeva and the ulakkai sound is omkara nadaham. To realise God, the mind has to be controlled. For the mind to subside, the Gnanendriyas should stop bringing stimulus from the outside world and the karmendriyas should desist frrom worldly activities. The intellect should stop analysing materialistically. There should be a perfect coordination. Ural is the mind. Five kanyas symbolize gnaanendriyas and five Bhagavathas represent karmendriyas-all involved in the process of meditation. Gnaanendriayas,( girls) cooperate in depositing the jeeva( rice) into the ural ( the mind).The Bhagavathas (karmendriyas) are crushing the Jeeva( rice) into the mind(ural) with the help of Ulakkai( omkara nadaham) The crushed akshathai is sieved to remove the husk or umi which represents Maya and is made pure white devoid of maya. This pure white rice called mangalakshathai is submitted to the feet of God( samarpanam ) or Atma Samarpanam. This rice powder is poured into the cloth round the couple's waist and they are given mangala snanam. In olden days perhaps they had used nine gems and now replaced by rice.The procedure is called muthukuthal denoting the bhaktha becoming Jeevan muktha. This procedure is followed during Seemantham functions also to bless the unborn baby with brahma aikyam! Radha and Madhava bless us all.! Vathsala jayaraman


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