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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Monday August 29, 2022 Prayers 🙏 : For Health & Longevity https://youtu.be/Aeo00-Td8AY (Link Selection : Collage) Let's visit Hell & come back* https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GTWMc4h3zqVefHKLBsfZEtfPO65yyWAd/view?usp=drivesdk *Return ticket pre-booked by Collage. I accepted the invitation and waited in the audience, for him to call me and offer a seat. He abruptly closed the show. I returned disappointed. Try your luck🙏-Warrier (Link Courtesy : P P Ramachandran Mumbai) Good Morning B Nostalgia Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) Sharad Fadnawis I read in Sunday Collage my friend Vivek Amin's post on dogs. After reading it I am reminded of two quotes, one by famous writer Mark Twain and another by Fredrick the Great. Twain has said 'The more I learn about people, the more I love my dog'. Fredrick said 'The more I see of men, the better I love my dog'. (As we move forward, I think love for dogs will only grow. Some people use dog 🐕 as a middleman to camouflage false love🙏-Warrier) 2) Wright Brothers https://youtu.be/CFT53kXEdBE 3) Moneylife articles By M G Warrier https://www.moneylife.in/author/mg-warrier.html During the 10 years 2006-2016, my articles were regularly public in Moneylife. During the last decade, I was a regular presence in the monthly magazine The Global Analyst till May 2021-Warrier 4) Noida Twin Towers Demolition : Media Report https://youtu.be/mXSoF02wFuc August 28, 2022 5) Cricket S Venugopal Chennai reports : Rohit's Team India won the first match against Pak at Dubai by 5 Wickets and it was as usual thrilling one. Rohit won the toss and put Pakistan to bat first. Babar, Pak's main batsman was out early and our bowling was very accurate and Pak were all out for 147 runs! Rahul was out for the very first ball and Rohit was very nervous and was out early. Kohli played better and scored 35 runs, But Pak did fight well with good fielding and bowling. Jiddu and our Hardik played nicely and in the end India won it with 5 Wickets in the Hitchcock thriller-like finish! Kudos! B Collage Nostalgia Meet my uncle : M G Warrier https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/learning-from-elders-experience-44540/ Excerpts : "Whenever we were together, my father used to share experiences, stories and anecdotes from memory. And we used to be together for long hours, occasionally. Mode of transport was walking upto 10 miles or more. When it’s by train, time taken to cover 60 miles used to be 6 to 10 hours depending on the proximity of the Railway Station from the starting point and the destination. Break-up : Walking upto Railway Station + Waiting for the train + Journey time + Walking time from Railway Station to Place of Visit." C Collage Cover Story : Longevity By Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Collage on August 28, 2022, has an interesting write up by Shri Vivek Amin of Nagpur giving the attributes of his dog by way of tributes. Most living species have an upper limit on the number of times somatic cells not expressing telomerase can divide. This is called the Hayflick limit, although this number of cell divisions does not strictly control lifespan. Continued at H1 D Blogs & Links 1) Social Media : More Social, Less Media https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/more-social-less-media/article65768405.ece Our parents inculcated in us the habit of reading newspapers and watching television news (there was only Doordarshan news at that time, compared with the present-day 24-hour news channels devoid of any meaningful content) and playing in the real world. Though in my late thirties now, I consider myself young enough to easily mingle with a generation born after me and who are in their teens or twenties, as I do when interacting with people of my parents’ age or senior citizens. With both, I feel a generation gap but to a different nature and degree and can feel more relativity in views and comfort while talking to those elder than me. E Faith Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1563665701042130944?s=20&t=6kE3r2nEYJ-YiVEw9TcRCA Unity in Diversity - 357 हरि भजु मन मेरे तरु भउजलु तू तारी My mind, meditate on God: God will ferry you across the turbulent world ocean (of temptations) Guru Ramdas, Gauri Guaryeri, 163, SGGS F Leisure* https://madrascourier.com/art-and-poetry/a-song-of-blood-strokes/ *Why this poem is here? 'Cos, you can open the link in leisure -Warrier G Quotes on Social Media https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/social-media-quotes Like : Everyone is comparing lives on social media and wants the perfect body, perfect image, perfect outfit, perfect life - we're striving for this perfection, and it's so unhealthy because there's no such thing as perfection. Emily Atack H 1) Continued from C There is a mythological story that all creatures from reptiles to human beings approached God to fix their longevity. While the ants and other reptiles opted for a few days/ months, cats opted upto 6 years, dogs upto 12 to 16 years, cows and buffaloes opted for 25 to 30 years. At last man came and requested for the consolidated max longevity of all the creatures with the exception of course of elephant and tortoise. Yada samharate cayam kurmo 'nganiva sarvasah indriyanindriyarthebhyas tasya prajna pratisthita( Gita 2:58) One who is able to withdraw his senses from sense objects, as the tortoise draws his limbs within the shell, is to be understood as truly situated in knowledge. Right breathing techniques are for optimum health. We breathe 20 per cent less oxygen as we grow older or when we are sedentary in our activities. Yoga gurus look at the role of breath, known as the koorma nadi in yoga, and explain that it is more than just the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Breath is not just the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. For different levels of thought and emotion that you go through, your breath takes on different types of patterns. When you are angry, peaceful, happy or sad, your breathe goes through subtle changes. Whichever way you breathe, that is the way you think. Whichever way you think, that is the way you breathe. The breath can be used as a tool to do many things with the body and the mind. Pranayamam is the science where, by consciously breathing in a particular way, the very way you think, feel, understand and experience life can be changed. Breath is like the hand of the Divine. You don't feel it. It is not the sensations caused by the air. This breath that you do not experience is referred to as Koorma Nadi. It is a string which ties you with this body – an unbroken string that goes on and on. "If you travel through the breath, deep into yourself, to the deepest core of the breath, it will take you to that point where you are actually tied to the body. Once you know where and how you are tied, you can untie it at will. Consciously, you can shed the body as effortlessly as you would shed your clothes. When you know where your clothes are tied, it is easy to drop them. When you don't know where it is tied, whichever way you pull, it does not come off. You have to tear them apart. Similarly, if you do not know where your body is tied to you, if you want to drop it, you have to damage or break it in some way. But if you know where it is tied, you can very clearly hold it at a distance. When you want to drop it, you can just drop it consciously. Life becomes very different."-says Satguru. When somebody willfully sheds the body completely, we say this is 'mahasamadhi' We believe that we can live for 100 years by breathing 15 times a minute. If one breathes 18 times a minute one's age will decrease to 83 1/3 years. If a person breathes only 2 times every minute one can live for 750 years. If one breaths only once every minute, one can live for 1500 years. We read about bears, and other animals going in to hibernation for six months during winter. In short they temporarily become “Yogis". Our ancient literature talks about devas and demons doing penance for thousands of years. Though we may think that it was an exaggeration, we knew that ant hills grew around the saints during their meditation implying the passage of time. The famous saint who wrote Ramayana was ‘Valmiki' meaning 'ant hill'. There was another poet with the same name in Sangam Tamil literature. Incidentally, Koormaavatar of Mahavishnu is associated with churning of ocean and bringing of amrit. Vathsala Jayaraman


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