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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday August 10, 2022 उपोद्घातम्(Upodghatham) 1) Motivational Verses : https://youtu.be/IaACggPVQnE 2) Making a Bouquet of Flowers https://youtu.be/lusZ2nkwR5E Good Morning 🌞 Ever wondered why sportspersons are better human beings? Successful among them focus on positive thoughts. Even if you don't agree, do open this link : https://madrascourier.com/opinion/the-mind-dynamics-of-sport/ Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 Reshmy Warrier Mumbai shared a painting : https://www.instagram.com/p/Cg9s8HyKBp4/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= A Select Messages/Responses 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Beautiful commentary on Dakshinamurthy Stotram with relevant similies. I felt as though I am listening to some upanyasam. Each shloka is a gem. (Those who have missed the hymn, and if interested in knowing more : Hymn to Dakshinamoorthy https://amzn.eu/d/dUQwdp3 Sri Dakshinamurty Stotram is one of the shortest and the most inspired works of Sri Adi Sankara which is known for it's philosophical import, subtlety of expression and confident assertion.With unerring dexterity the master addresses these stanzas to the students who have already fully studied the Sastra to reach new heights in the seats of their meditation. In the revised edition,diacritical marks are used for transliteration of samskrta words in verses and commentary. Non-English words have been italicised.This will help readers to identify and pronounce the words correctly. The English plural sign 's' has been added to untranslated samskrta words after a hyphen (-) to show that it is not elemental to the words e.g,mantra-s,Veda-s,Rsi-s etc., A key to the transliteration and pronounciation has been added in the beginning of the book. 2) S W Fadnawis So you were born at midnight! No wonder your parents named you after Lord Shrikrishna. Wish you a very happy birthday. (🙏-Warrier) 3) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram "Madhurikkum ormakaleh Malar manchal konduvaroo Kondupokoo njangaleyaa Maanchuvattil Manchuvattil.... " (Sweet memories, please bring the palanquin, decorated with flowers, and take us to the foot of the shady mango* tree.) The above are the opening lines of a perennial drama song penned by the famous poet-cum-lyricist O N V Kurup and tuned by the eminent composer G Devarajan, in the early sixties. Someone jokingly said that this song would be a fitting national anthem for the Republic of the Diabetics. But I am serious. According to me, at the moment, it exactly reflects the intense feeling of the pre-1997 pensioners of the RBI. Their sweet memories are almost 32 years old. (* This article is about mango 🥭 trees in my ancestral compound -M G Warrier : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/mango-season-9044/?source=app) B Collage Poetry : Franklin Misquith Verse for today. -- Hold Hands Day 💐🌹🌷Dear friends let's be Happy and Joyful, We can also go ahead and be very Playful. Today is 'Hold Hands Day,' It'll help mold our hearts like clay, With our hands clasped tight, We'll be filled with delight. 'Holding Hands' is like a touchstone, For a day we shall keep away from our cellphone, With it in our hand we only groan, And from time to time also moan. By 'Holding Hands' we bond together, And shall avoid getting into a tether, Our hearts 'll become light as a feather, We'll be Happy irrespective of the weather.🌷🌹💐 C Collage on August 9, 2022 : An Appreciation & Birthday Wishes to M G Warrier By S Nallasivan Today happened to be a rare day as I ventured to peruse the Collage in full, a challenging task indeed. Yes, I am following it, in fact wait for it since 5.30 AM, though the Editor strived hard to hit the Mail Box before 6.15, a self imposed time schedule. Whether the Star appeared on the Horizon of the maternal home* of the Village in Malabar or not, the male child, and under weight one born, after three sisters in a row is born again today. Happy Birthday. Continued at H1 *Sketch-drawn by me circa 1980- of the ancestral home (demolished in early 1960's) attached. I was born in the outhouse visible in the North -West corner of the big building -M G Warrier D Vathsala Jayaraman's Column : India's Tricolour Flag Valliammai was born to R. Munuswamy Mudaliar and Janakiammal, a young immigrant couple from a small village called Thillaiyadi in Thanjavur in India to Johannesburg – the gold-city of South Africa to work for their way out of difficulty. Her father was a trader and owner of a confectionery shop. Since her mother Janaki is from Thillaiyadi in Tamil Nadu, her daughter Valliammai came to be popularly called Thillaiyadi Valliammai. Valliammai had never been to India. She grew in an environment that was rather hostile to Indians. But the young child did not even know that it was not right to be segregated so,until she was in her early teens. The birth of Tri-Colour She heard somebody ask “Why don’t you people register and become South Africans instead? Indians! India doesn’t even have a flag! What are you really fighting for?” “If having a flag is what would give form to India, then here it is,” she said, tearing off her saffron-white-green sari, “MY FLAG! MY MOTHERLAND!” Gandhi designed the flag with the same three colours as her sari. Gandhi later said that it was her sacrifice that increased his resolve to fight for Indian independence. Honors Thillaiyadi Valliammai Memorial Hall, including a public library, was instituted in 1971 on 2452 square meters of land by the Indian Government in the village of Thillaiyadi, now in Tharangambadi Taulk, Nagapattinam, India. Vathsala Jayaraman E Faith/Mythology Thiruvattar Temple* : https://openthemagazine.com/columns/412-years-old-traditions-come-alive-thiruvattar/ Shri Adi Keshava Perumal temple, in the water surrounded village of Thiruvattaar is one such place. Indians are known for their lack of written records. The Vedas and Indian classical music were passed on from Guru to pupil through generations, creating what is possibly one of the most venerable institutions, the parampara. Ancients saw to it that the paramparas were unbroken rivers of knowledge, which would richly irrigate the psyche of the society. The advantage of the lack of written record was the development of an amazing memory. The disadvantage of this, of course, was the lack of tangible proof of the antiquity and scope of the knowledge expounded by our sages. Such a situation gave rise to the erroneous categorization by colonial occupiers of much of Indian history as myth. *Link Courtesy : P V Mohan Krishnan Thiruvananthapuram Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1556738435087355904?s=20&t=VsGGLjto2vczqrO5uBGJUw Unity in Diversity - 338 जिनि हरि पाइओ तिनहि छपाइओ Those who have found Almighty, keep quiet about it Bhagat Namdev, Raag Todee, 718, SGGS F Leisure https://www.republicworld.com/lifestyle/books/oscar-wildes-quotes-that-prove-he-was-the-satire-king-read.html G Quotes on savings https://www.dccu.us/blog/trying-to-save-yet-struggling-quotes/ Like : “When I was young, I used to think that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old, I know it is.” — Oscar Wilde H 1) Continued from C We are glad that Shri Babusenen has moved ahead from his usual discourses on Malayalam great poets of the lore to a name much familiar to me, Kamala Das, the controversial storyteller and Poet. At least I have read her Autobiography in Tamil when it was published in Tamil Magazine Kumudham. Now I am glad that the modern poet one from our midst, whose poetry is closer to hear than the brain, Franklin Misquith has been recruited to the regular Panel of the Collage where Warrier's writ alone prevailed. KPV Karunakaran Sir though appear, makes his presence rarely he has the knack of always coming out with rare gems. Yes, I am talking about the great and most endearing gesture displayed by the President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Kanchi Maha Periyava, the Holiest of the Living Saint during our time, respected and adored by all irrespective of their religious faith, very simple and humble for his great stature had a host in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Dr. Kalam, a great Scientist and above all a great human. Our Dr. TV Surendran who generally shared his journey in his medical practice of children and display occasional lighter side with tongue in cheek jokes, has possibly after studying the never-ending religious discourses in the pages of the Collage tried his hand on Dakshinamoorthy Stotra. The real-life incident from our friend Coimbatore Bala has been more intriguing and had a shade of mystic too. Such noble, elevated soul do appear to assist, help during crisis as unobtrusively as possible and vanish as vapor when their job is done Our erudite friend Smt Vathsala Jayaraman, whose pen never went dry, suddenly moved away from her thesis on the Galaxy and Constellation and turned to Lord Krishna's discourse on Kaliyuga. I do not know what the hurry is to choose this on Kaliyuga when there remained the suffering of 5 lakhs plus years until Kalki arrived. The unpleasant, unusual and unheard of unfolding events, during Kaliyuga needed no reference to religion scriptures and mythology. A reading of your daily newspaper revealed it all. God has become a Commerce, a marketed commodity. Religion turned into an unending battlefield, causing death, deprivation murder and mayhem. Gurus, Teachers arrested almost daily, by the hour, for molestation of their students. Anarchy in Schools and colleges. Matrimony has become a farse with courts with overflowing cases of not only disharmony, desertion, cruelty and adultery and same sex marriages gaining approval. Women found killing husbands and their own children in the company of their paramour. Killing parents in property dispute. Parents ending up as orphans in Old Age Home. Life in Kaliyuga is worse than in Hell and we suffer more than ordained. Last but not the least. A revealing and wonderful discourse on Kurukshetra. It had never been fought between rival Kings, Cousins for a part and parcel of Land and there were no Gurus or a Charioteer to lead battle. And our inner mind has been the battle ground and we have been fighting within ourselves as they say that there is no Hell or Heaven after life but it is happening during our own life and our mind is the Lord Himself I tried to match up my response as long as possible as the Collage, if not more. I believe I have succeeded! S Nallasivan


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