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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday August 28, 2022 Prayers 🙏 Bheeshmastuti https://youtu.be/EAvzeL2QhWg Greek Mythology https://youtu.be/wTxW7sa2rtg Good Morning 🌄 Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday September 3, 2022. Ayurarogyasaukhyam 🙏 and Best Wishes to all. Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) C V Subbaraman Constitutionality of a law: There is a provision in the Constitution for the President to refer a matter to the Supreme Court for its advice. Article 143. Power of President to consult Supreme Court ( 1 ) If at any time it appears to the President that a question of law or fact has arisen, or is likely to arise, which is of such a nature and of such public importance that it is expedient to obtain the opinion of the Supreme Court upon it, he may refer the question to that Court for consideration and the Court may, after such hearing as it thinks fit, report to the President its opinion thereon. Subbaraman 2) Vivek Amin Nagpur Ref : "A dog always remains faithful friend" appearing in yesterday's College. I put forth some lines on this subject : We have a male Dog named "वाघ्या", age 8. The way it's reaction is observed, I feel it understands my language. I have 40×40 Garden and Waghya is a luckiest to play there. It barks in 5-6 different ways to inform us like unknown person has come, unknown guest has entered neighbourhood which it thinks his own area, want's to come inside or want's to go out for easing pressure, or is hungry. Generally they live with us for average 12 years. Why a dog or wild animal's life is so short? I think these animals suddenly react hence give tremendous stress to their heart and hence live for such short periods. The Rabbit being always feeling scary lives even less. Further to add the other animals like Elephant or a Tortoise who live upto 65 & 100 plus years respectively because they move slowly and exert less stress to their heart. (So do not react suddenly in anger and just walk away from the scene and add years to our lifespan) वाघ्या means "Tiger instict". The theory is that they are very faithful and insurance to household. They attack a unknown person if he/she approaches its owner near 5 feet sensing that its owner's life is in danger. The story of Waghya who was a mixed-breed pet dog of Maratha King Chattrapati Shivaji, known as the epitome of loyalty and eternal devotion : After Shivaji's death, he is said to have jumped into his master's funeral pyre and immolated itself. A statue was put up on a pedestal next to Shivaji's Samadhi at Raigad Fort. Hence we, instead of keeping a western name for our dog, decided to keep a famous name viz. Waghya. This Waghya's Samadhi came into prominance when Shri Ram Ganesh Gadkari, renowned Marathi (Drama) writer made a mention of it in his drama "Rajsanyas" in 1936. These Samadhis were renovated in 1927. "It is true that Mahatma Jyotirao Phule discovered the Samadhi of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1869, but it was Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak who initiated the process of renovating it," Rohit Tilak, the great-grandson of Lokmanya Tilak, said. “Kesari,” the Marathi newspaper was founded by Lokmanya Tilak in 1881. Rohit said Tilak neither discovered the samadhi nor rebuilt it. But he made efforts to renovate it. He set up a Committee to raise funds for the purpose. The fund was called "Shivaji Fund". "Unfortunately," Rohit said, "though Tilak initiated the renovation process, he could not start it in his lifetime." “He died in 1920, much before the samadhi work started…,” he said. Later with assistance of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj followers and well wishers renovated the Samadhi. 3) Franklin Misquith Shared a poem : Verse for the day : LIFE 💐As our life lasts for just a short while, It's better to always sport a beautiful smile. There'll be a bounce in every ounce, And all our opponents we shall easily trounce. That we're on our way one and all will announce, This is to ensure that none on us can dare to pounce. But when we arrive it is better to take care of what we pronounce, Else like a ball we shall be kicked around and made to bounce.💐 B V T Panchapagesan's Column  SUNDAY COLLAGE A story I found very interesting ON SUNDAY One Sunday morning, I sat in my balcony enjoying the sunshine and morning coffee. A little Ant caught my eye, which was going from one side to the other side of the balcony carrying a big leaf several times more than its size. I watched it for more than an hour. I saw that the Ant faced many obstacles during its journey. Paused, took a diversion and then continued towards destination. At one point the tiny creature came across a crack in the floor. It paused for a little while, analyzed and then laid the huge leaf over the crack, walked over the leaf, picked the leaf on the other side then continued its journey. I was captivated by the cleverness of the Ant, one of the tiniest of God's creations. The incident left me in awe and forced me to contemplate over the miracle of Creation. It showed the Greatness of the Creator. In front of my eyes there was this tiny creature of God, lacking in size, yet equipped with a brain to analyze, contemplate, reason, explore, discover and overcome. A while later I saw that the creature had reached its destination – a tiny hole in the floor which was entrance to its underground dwelling. And it was at this point that the Ant's shortcoming was revealed. How could the Ant carry into the tiny hole the Large Leaf that it had managed to carefully bring to the destination? It simply couldn't! So the tiny creature, after all the painstaking and hard work and exercising great skills, overcoming all the difficulties along the way, just left behind the large leaf and went home empty-handed. The ant had not thought about the end before it began its challenging journey and in the end the large leaf was nothing more than a burden to it. The creature had no option, but to leave it behind to reach its destination. I learned a great lesson... That is the truth about our lives too. We worry about our family, we worry about our job, we worry about how to earn more money, we worry about where we should live, what kind of vehicle to buy, what kind of dresses to wear, what gadgets to upgrade... Only to abandon all these things when we reach our destination. We don't realize in our life's journey that, these are just burdens that we are carrying with utmost care and fear of losing them only to find that at the end, they are useless and we can't take them with us... The same can be said about discussions and arguments when they all don't make a difference to our lives! Enjoy what we have, nourish relationships when we have the time rather than spending time in useless arguments! Let us spend time on ourselves, our family, our friends and serve the community as a whole! P.S. Psychologists opine Human brain grasps when they are in threes : 1 THINK. THEN WORDS Deeds. 2 Learn more from. Earth. Moon. Sun.. 3.Through. Body. Mind. Intellect 4. Perform. Work. Wealth. Wisdom. 5.Deciding factor. Time. Cause. Causation… When faced with a seemingly insurmountable difficulty, close our eyes, and picture it as a Boulder in our path. Then picture God's hands rolling it out of the way. What is impossible for us is nothing for HIM V T Panchapagesan C Current Affairs 1) India's G 20 Presidency* : An Opportunity https://bfsi.economictimes.indiatimes.com/amp/news/editors-view/g-20-presidency-a-golden-opportunity-for-india/93810401 G-20 Presidency a golden opportunity for India India, as the next G20 President, will identify, highlight, develop and strengthen international support for priorities of vital importance in diverse social and economic sectors, ranging from energy, agriculture, trade, digital economy, health and environment to employment, tourism, anti-corruption and women’s empowerment, including in focus areas that impact the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, according to Harsh V Shringla, India’s Chief G20 Coordinator. *Know More : https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/five-challenges-before-indias-g20-presidency/ 2) RBI Central Board Meeting https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=54268 D Story time with Vathsala Jayaraman Malayalam Samsaaram Today's Hindu 'Metro Plus carried an article 'Vasantha's list' with the caption 'Know Tamil or starve'. Reminded me of the struggle of my niece Gita who was born and brought up in North India and given in marriage to a Palakkad Iyer boy in Thiruvananthapuram in 1970. Continued at H1 E Sunday Collage 2) Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar Pravachan* Contentment, a Quality of Mind, not Body. 🔽❣️🔽 Contentment can only come to one who sees that Rama, or God pervades everything. On the other hand, God can only be found in a home where contentment rules. He will experience true contentment who will genuinely try and live for a year with a firm faith that everything in this world is the result of Rama's will. Contentedness is an attribute of the mind, not a quality of the body. I yearn to find a man who is so contented in his heart that he has nothing to say about his worldly life and matters. Such a person will be acclaimed by the whole world. Contentment is not a thing that can be made over by one person to another. It calls for faith of the highest order. The Kauravas in the midst of the luxuries of the palace did not have the contentedness enjoyed by the Pandavas in their hermit's life in the forest. The conclusion is that we should accept the condition of life in which God chooses to place us. A divine gift must be pleasant, sweet, from all angles. Wealth, obviously, is not a divine gift because it entails worry and a thirst for, more. The only really divine gift is contentment. There is no telling how much money will suffice a particular man, whereas, if one has the frame of mind to be contented, whatever is there, is enough. There is more pleasure in giving than in receiving. Besides, the more one receives, the more is the whetting of greed. Giving, on the other hand, has an end; for, when one gives away one’s all, complete contentedness is the result. Today we are completely enveloped in upadhi; if we shed one upadhi! after another, our true nature, namely, oneness with the Cosmic Spirit, will become apparent, with its characteristic attribute of undisturbed contentment. Every action of a man is done with some aim in view. About the actual result, however, he will be virtually indifferent if he has the conviction ‘Thy will be done'. We have much theoretical knowledge about the philosophy of life, but lack the wisdom an actual occasion calls for. The one good point about the present times is that simple constant awareness of God achieves what more difficult sadhanas can achieve. *Shared by P V Mohan Krishnan Thiruvananthapuram 3) Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1563274141276389377?s=20&t=Cl_BXHHbimpyLhWjIq1qRw Unity in Diversity - 356 लख चउरासीह फेरु पइआ कामणि दूजै भाइ बिनु गुर नीद न आवई दुखी रैणि विहाइ बिनु सबदै पिरु न पाईऐ बिरथा जनमु गवाइ Desirous is chasing other love: result reincarnations Without Guru, no peace Without Shabad, cant reach God: human life wasted Guru Amardas, 31 F https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/hindu-mythology-stories Legendry illustrations are the best ways of teaching something. Hindu mythology stories are full of larger-than-life characters, mysterious powers and a moral lesson. One such story is that communicate the timeless message of discipline and self-control is that of King Yayati. This is one of the many that Hindu mythology stories mentioned in the Mahabharata… G Quotes on Folks https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/folk-quotes We have soon to have everywhere smoke annihilators, dust absorbers, ozonizers, sterilizers of water, air, food and clothing, and accident preventers on streets, elevated roads and in subways. It will become next to impossible to contract disease germs or get hurt in the city, and country folk will go to town to rest and get well. Nikola Tesla H 1) Continued from D Samsaaram in Tamil means 'wife'. In Malayalam it refers to ordinary 'speaking/talking'. Gita's struggles in the initial period of her wedded life! Gita explains in her own words : My marriage took place in Delhi. Later I was taken to Thiruvananthapuram, my husband's native place. Appa! The house was so big! I was brought up in a small two room apartment in Delhi. On the first day all the neighbours came to see the "Delhi Daughter-in-law". My husband's sister asked me 'Where is kitchen?" I was new, I may not know where 'kitchen' is. Why my sister in law, born and brought up there also does not know where kitchen is. I was wondering. After ten mts she told : "Kitchen has arrived" seeing my husband entering with a bag. Then only I understood that my husband Krishnamurthy is knowns as KITCHEN as pet name. Fortunately, I kept quiet as the new Vadhu. There was a grand lunch. Some ten guests were eating, I was serving. My mother -in-law asked me " Gita, bring PODI THOOVAL. I was searching for PODITHOOVAL in all the bottles in kitchen almirah thinking that it is a powder like Paruppu podi in Tamil nadu. Luckily my husband came to my rescue. He showed a vessel in which beans curry was kept. After lunch it was a tamasha to everyone and I was an object of ridicule for searching a cooked item in a bottle. We were returning after visiting Bagavathi amman temple. It was scorching. I told in Tamil "Romba vesakkarathu illaiyaa?" ( meaning 'is it not too perspiring?'). My husband said" It is just a short distance. Amma would have kept lunch ready. On reaching home, we have just to eat". I wondered whether he did not understand what I said ( only later I knew that vesakkarathu is feeling hungry) I said "It is too hot and sweating too much" in English. He replied "Oh, then we would walk in THANAL". I got the shock of my life. I feared my husband has become mad out of the scorching heat. Because THANAL in Tamil means BURNING Coal.. After a few mts I understood that THANAL means shade of trees.. What a language Malayalam is with such a vast difference in meaning! Even today when the maid says "Naan RAAVILE VARUM" I am tempted to say : "Why to come 'RAAVILE? Better come in the morning. In Tamil RAAVU is Raathri or night . In Malayalam RAAVU* is morning. I learnt all Palakkadu cookings through mails ( not emails but letter)" More or less I have become an expert in preparing KAALAN, ERISERRI, OLAN etc etc and thought I have become an expert. When I was preparing OLAN, I referred my Mamiyaar's recipe. She had clearly written "Poosanikkai". I also purchased 250 gms of Poosanikkai and all other vegetables as per list, and prepared OLAN adding coconut milk and gave it to my husband in a bowl. As I was expecting much appreciations, he said, ' It is good but not like Amma's prepation". I got depressed. Later when I met my mother-in-law she told that they call the red variety ,( what we call PARANGI In Tamil) as POOSANIKKAI,. The white variety is known as 'KOMBALANKAAI', I gathered. Later I became OLAN QUEEN and got a prize too by writing OLAN Recipe in a Tamil magazine. I can narrate so many of my experiences. No doubt I struggled, but sometimes it earns credits also. In 1980 we came to Madras on transfer. As we were enjoying sea breeze in Marina, my husband asked me "KAPPALANDI SAAPPIDALAAMAA?" On hearing the word KAPPALANDI I had so many romantic sceneries in mind. I thought we were sailing on a boat with 'LALALA' song as background music and eating KAPPALANDI sitting on the boat. A small boy with half nicker came before us and my husband purchased two packets of groundnut and extended a packet to me. I felt that the big groundnut pieces were laughing at my ignorance. I refused to take. My husband quoted Gandhiji about the benefits of groundnut. I later knew that the groundnut came to Malayala Rajyam by ship and as it resembled cashew (ANDIPARUPPU) in taste, it received the Naamakaranam of KAPPALANDI. I wrote this incident in Mangayar Malar, a Tamil magazine and got a prize too. Even now KAPPALANDI including its name is my favorite. Now do you understand why the title is MALAYALA SAMSARAM? Vathsala Jayaraman (*In Malayalam also "RAAVU" is night. "RAAVILE" is morning. "Ravum Pakalum" means "Night and Day". "Raavereyaay" means "it's late in the night". Night is usually referred to as "Raathri" in Malayalam-Warrier)


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