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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday August 27, 2022 Prayers 🙏 : https://youtu.be/JUQ20E_0NNQ (Link Courtesy : Saravana Varma Mumbai) Vishnu Sahasranama https://youtu.be/A4D-Zf-HJLI (Link Courtesy : V T Panchapagesan Chennai) Good Morning 🔆 Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) C V Subbaraman On Bond markets : One has to see every day the trades on BSE Bond market trade statistics and details to know how poor the market has been all along. There are not more than three or four private sector corporates in India which can be considered trustworthy and whose bonds attract some investments. There are hardly a couple of transactions in perpetual bonds, and similarly in infrastructure development bonds issued by governments or government bonds. The Tax free bonds which are no longer being issued by government corporates hardly give you a yield to maturity of 5.50% to 6% and therefore do not attract the attention of pensioners and elderly persons and those falling in the non-tax category investors. It is a pity that in a large country there is hardly any bond market worthwhile mentioning and one wonders what is being done by authorities like RBI, SEBI and Stock Exchanges. Subbaraman 2) Where there's a will... https://youtu.be/zkXfxu-j2u0 Selling tea from Kerala to Kashmir. 3) Madras Day Musings S Venugopal Chennai continues his nostalgic memories : When I say theatres, I mean many theatres which screened good films till 1975 when TV cult became the habit of Chennaites@Madrasis. During our college days in the 1960s we used to go to films in a group of 10+ friends on a Dutch basis of economics. Dutch means in colloquial terms 'that that man that that money', meaning the expenditure would be equally shared by all. Our life used to start only after dinner and we enjoyed all the night! We used to target Mount Road then, which housed many theatres. Notable among them were ODeon, Midland, New Globe, Wellington, Casino, Gaiety and Chitra. Going to a film was a very big experience in those days. While Wellington used to screen Gemini SS Vasans films all the while regularly, other theatres screened varied films. ODeon, Globe and Casino usually had English films and Tamil films on a sort of change basis. Midland usually had English movies. New Elphinstone used to screen all South Indian language films. Once I took a teenager to the famed "BEcket' starring Peter Otoole and we were not allowed inside since it was an' Adults' Only' Movie. But ultimately over a cup of Quality Ice Cream, we were allowed to watch the movie. Incidentally my teenager friend was none other than the 'Lava Kusa' fame master Murali who is now one of the big auditors of Chennai whose dad is the famed Kalasagarm Rajagopal the famed Sculprtor of Yogi Ram Surathkumar of Tiruvannaamali. Incidentally I am proud to be the son of Chitti Sundararajan famed Manikkodi writer. It was still green in our memories that we used to take tea after midnight at Cafe Irani at Mount Road and walk back to Mylapore since buses were not available during nights. All this fun would take place during Saturday night outs which was regular in our college days. We are still in touch, but watch movies only over the TVs only, as we are all Senior Citizens! B Current Affairs Case for higher deposit rates https://epaper.business-standard.com/bs_new/index.php?rt=main/mainpage#6 Media Response : M G Warrier August 26, 2022 Law and justice* This refers to the report "SC agrees to review PMLA verdict; issues notice to govt" (The Hindu Business Line, August 26). Considering the nature of the issues involved and the clout of the litigants, the chances are, "other stakeholders" including government may wait for the final outcome from the Apex Court now. Fair enough. Still, one hesitantly dare to put forward a commonsense view that judicial review of extant legislations should be prospective in effect. Reason being the age-old adage "Justice Delayed, is Justice Denied". Alternatively, Apex Court may take the responsibility of vetting legislations having international implications, before they get Presidential assent. Of course, the change in procedure will need amendment to the Constitution. M G Warrier Mumbai *Not published on August 27, 2022. C Collage Books https://frontline.thehindu.com/books/india-at-75-frontline-50-books-to-read-fiction/article65720028.ece Excerpts : The creator of the fictional town of Malgudi set the early parameters of the Indian English novel—unhurried pace, lucid prose, sense of community, and the quotidian celebrated. The Guide, also set in Malgudi, follows tour guide turned “holy man” Raju, who both hates and loves his “saint” status. Written 10 years after Gandhi's assassination, the novel's philosophical charge remains undiminished. D Collage friendship 1) Man's Best Friend International Dogs' Day* August 26, 2022 Poem : Franklin Misquith A dog always remains a faithful friend, Till the very last end, But it does not one and all befriend, As it knows whether the caller is a friend or a fiend. Most dogs have a tail that wags, Some are ready to help carry your bags, But it is good to put around their necks some tags,(collars), And they do not mind if you are dressed only in rags. Dogs are ever ready their master/mistress to defend, As for their food on them they depend, A helping paw they always lend, But at times a dirty doormat into pieces they rend. Now in our neighbourhood, Many are keeping little dogs, They can easily scare away frogs, As well as hoary little hogs, And take you safely around, When the weather is frosty with fogs. *https://www.news18.com/news/lifestyle/international-dog-day-2022-history-significance-quotes-and-tips-to-celebrate-5803327.html 2) On friendship https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/out-the-ooze/202208/how-we-decide-who-our-friends-are KEY POINTS Defining the boundary that separates friends from acquaintances can be tricky. One's cultural background is a key factor in how friendships are managed. Because friendships require an investment of time and resources, we can only manage a limited number of them at one time. Having "chemistry" with another person is a key ingredient to a solid friendship. E Faith/Mythology/Spirituality 1) Omkara and Ganesha* : Vathsala Jayaraman The Hindus have discovered and perfected many mystic paths to the god head, and have in their armoury many fine instruments to guide them onwards, but of them all, the simplest and the most dramatic, and properly viewed, the most miraculous is provided by 'OM" Continued at H1 Bonus : Surya Krishnamurthy's collection of Ganesh Idols : https://youtu.be/9WzvNqNdBGI (This video uploaded 2 years ago has been viewed till yesterday by 165 surfers. If it was about a broken Ganapathy doll on the road, the video would have gone "viral" in a week. O Ganesh help our SMEs... Prayers 🙏-Warrier) 2) Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1562899256079355910?s=20&t=Gu5Uu4dgI0ip3pNc2-tJAA Unity in Diversity - 355 आपे साजे करे आपि जाई भि रखै आपि तिसु विचि जंत उपाइ कै देखै थापि उथापि किस नो कहीऐ नानका सभु किछु आपे आपि God Creates, fashions & takes care Therein places/installs (born)/uproots (die) creatures Whom to tell, all-in-all God Guru Anghad, Asa, 475, SGGS 3) Speaking Tree : Mantras https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/power-mantras-to-get-you-through-tough-times/178424 F Leisure Jokes about editors https://jokojokes.com/editor-jokes.html Copied some and edited out, as editor's job's not to copy. G Quotes on Coexistence http://www.globaleducation.org/quotations.htm Like : "It's coexistence or no existence." Bertrand Russell "The highest result of education is tolerance." Helen Keller 1903 "If we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other better." Lyndon B Johnson "Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be kept by understanding." Albert Einstein Notes on pacifism "The only alternative to coexistence is co-destruction." Jawaharlal Nehru 1954 "Toleration is the best religion." Victor Hugo H Continued from E When the sound 'AU' is called out, it soars upwards transcending all material obstacles whose form and substance wither away before its approach. The Hindus see divinity therein. The Hindus portray abstract thoughts and concepts as Gods whose attributes are these very concepts. Each of the gods is an avatar of that concept. The Avatar for the symbol 'Au' is Ganapathi, who has the same qualities of 'Au', being an auspicious God, invoked at the beginning of all studies, prayers and enterprises. Ganesha is seated in the pose of a yogi. He has an elephant head with the trunk curled almost invariably towards the left (very rarely) towards the right in a manner in which it has a strong resemblance to the Tamil letter 'O'. At his feet is his vahana, the mouse, the nearest approach possible to a dot.. The image of Ganapathi has been created most ingeniously to reproduce the script form 'AU' in Tamil language, the super scripter ' LA' in Tamil representing the gigantic ears Image Is not the 'be all end all' for the Hindus. It is followed by mythological tales. Between Ganesa and Subramanya there arose dispute as to who should get the mango gifted By Narada. The fond Parent Siva opined that he who was able to go round the universe first would be the winner. Immediately Subramanya rushed climbing on peacock to traverse the universe, whereas Ganapathi simply walked round his parents in reverence with folded arms and sat down at their feet. After a long time Subramanya returned panting and tired only to hear that Ganesa had won. Siva declared that Subramanya merely encircled the phenomenal world, whereas Ganesa encircled the whole Universe represented by Siva and Parvathi. The creators of Ganapathi also viewed him as the leader of the hosts (In one sense, the alphabets, especially the consonants are treated as the host.) Ganapathi's fondness for sweets (kozhukattai or modhakas) is due to the mellifluous sounds of the language (Tamil means sweet). Just as warriors mounted on elephants were at the fore front of armies, Ganesa with elephant head is in the forefront to remove obstacles. It is not without any reason that Tilak chose Ganapat as the symbolic representation of the revived spirit of Hinduism and resurgence. In Iconography, the disposition of the trunk, and the tusks of Ganapathy resemble mostly to the figures traced by the Tamil Script. Thus we find that concepts, sound, script, secular practice and image are smoothly blended together. Vathsala Jayaraman


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