Azim Premji : Leading by example

Lessons to be learned from Azim Premji and Tatas
This response was sent to another newspaper also. That paper didn't publish. Yesterday my Good Morning message was about a beggar who financed bettors who lived in hope to hit jackpot. I'm compensating today by talking about one who hit jackpot and is willing to share his fortune for social good. The gesture happens during the same week when another billionaire in India is showing off his wealth by hosting a host of VVIPs is just a coincidence.

M G Warrier

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Leading by  example

This refers to the report “Premji commits another 34% Wipro stake worth $7.5b to philanthropy"(HBL, March 14). Premji’s philanthropy initiatives stand out among similar initiatives by rich individuals across the world in several respects. As his wealth grew, Premji didn’t wait it to grow to a ‘target’ figure or for himself to cross the ‘ripe retirement age’ or for any wrath of nature to befall him to lead philanthropic activities from the front. The focus on improving literacy and stress on promoting higher education are other features that distinguishes his social responsibility initiatives.
There are lessons to learn from Tatas and Azim Premji for those in charge of governance and policy formulation in India. Perhaps India can learn more about wealth and human resources management from them than from Harvard-returned economists. If the political leadership is able to improve public trust in wealth management by government/s, just as Premji is diverting a portion of his assets for creation of income for social benefits, religious bodies and individuals will invest their assets including gold and jewelry to generate income for economic development.
M G Warrier, Mumbai  


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