Lucifer: New Malayalam movie directed by Prithwiraj

Subject: Lucifer Movie Review: New Prithviraj film is for diehard Mohanlal fans - A Fan's tribute to Mohanlal
Yesterday we watched the Malayalam movie Lucifer in a packed theatre. The movie has everything to attract crowd. You guessed it right: fight, dance et al.
Excellent marketing. In Mumbai theatres two shows daily. Youngsters come to Bhandup from Navi Mumbai as theatres in their are "House Full". They don't answer my question why so much rush for the movie. One of them shoots back: Why uncle has come for this movie?
"I respect the efforts of aged people like Mohanlal and acting of Manju Warrier"
The fellow gets confused and we all enter Audi 2 in Dreams Mall.
M G Warrier


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