The Kumbh Mela : Ardh Kumbh, 2019

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M G Warrier

CV Subbaraman, Mysuru observes:

 Shivrratri: Some sages say that it is the day on which Lord Shiva does Ujjvala Thaandava. Shiva means goodness, "Mangalam": We recite: Shivam Shivakaram .....He is the embodiment of goodness (Mangalam) and Shivakaram (who does or gives Mangalam). But as Sri Sri has said, one has to become one with HIM to understand (rather experience) HIM. This is also the same with Lord Krishna who says in Gita: Yo Maam Pashyati Sarvatra and Sarvam cha Mayi Pashyati.....If such a person sees HIM in everything and everything in HIM there is total oneness. We can logically think of this situation, but it is a great difficult to be aware of this!
All we can attempt to do is to surrender to such power when the mind is filled with only thought of Him - the blissful state, the state of Realization.


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