Finding my name in print : Start writing, first!

Subject: The joy of finding one’s name in print- A beginner's guide to start writing articles!
Really. Finding one's name printed, for the first time in a newspaper or magazine, takes one to a high, which is much higher than the "high", the alcaolics and smokers* will ever experience!
Those days (1959) SSLC results were published in newspapers. First time I saw something in print about me was my number (without a star* which would have indicated first class) when I passed SSLC.
Then I got published a translation of a story in our pre-university class Hindi text in a childrens' column (Balapankthi) in the Mathrubhumi Weekly. I received a two word mail ("Article received") from the Editor, Business Manager (HR Magazine) the other day. The thrill continues...

M G Warrier

*Statutory warning: ...  ...  injurious to health.


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