TRAI Cycles: Channel selection woes

Mindspace, The New Indian Express
How TRAI has helped our cognitive skills- Packaging and marketing
Food for thought:
1 Who should have the final say in channel selection?
2 Who should operate the remote control?
3 Do you agree with my suggestion to have multiple screens and several remotes in the same room, all screens muted with facility to listen only by using ear phones?
To know why I am asking you, open the link.
M G Warrier

CV Subbaraman from Mysuru shares his experience:

I entirely agree. I tried to select channels, but miserably failed. All my channels stood blocked. I ran to the office of the Channel provider and told him my cup of woes. Finally, I sat with a gentleman there who took pity on me and my white hair when I prepared hurriedly list  of channels, not forgetting my wife's choices. And finally, he said that my channel selection is over and that he had added some free channels to my pack, without announcing what those free channels were.
In the evening, the Manager of the Channel provider told me in Malayalam that he would get the channels activated. I found that some English news channels had been omitted. He obliged me by adding some and again telling me he has of his own accord added some Malayalam free channels!
After all this exercises, I found that my monthly billing would remain almost the same as before!!
I have now a strong urge to subscribe to ALL channels without undergoing any further exercises of additions and deletions which are bound to come when my grandchildren visit our place for summer vacation!



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