The faked world out there: Dr Tiny Nair

The faked world out there - Life Saving Article Therapy (LISAT)

Read on only if you know me. If you don't know me and if you feel you should read this mail further, at least Google search for M G Warrier to get a feel of the risk factors involved in reading what I write.
Dr Tiny Nair is senior cardiologist in Thiruvananthapuram. In this mail, I am applying a strategy for treating incurable ailments which he has written about in his book "Happy At Heart" published sometime back. I had attempted using a crude version of this during 1990's while in service about which I had written an article "Magic of Music and Mantras".
Now, what you have to do and not do:
Don'ts first. Avoid discussing the contents of the article you will be reading by opening the link in this forward in your groups for the next 24 hours. Your time starts now.
Do's. Make sure you have 10 minutes of your own when you will not be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position, alone in a room and if you don't have a room, in a corner of the room or alone in an open space.
Open the link or take the page of today's Hindu on which the article "The faked world out there" appears. Read the article aloud to yourself without attracting attention of others. From the words "The first..." to "...fake news." Ensure you don't miss paragraphs.
Now you get a feel how tough is de-addiction. If you don't, wait for your turn to visit a professional.

M G Warrier


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