Modi's approach will decide India's direction

Letter to BS: Cong, country paying price for not cultivating proactive Oppn

March 16, 2019
Interpreting Modi

This refers to the piece “Modi and the Liberals” by TCA Srinivasa Raghavan (Line and Length, March 16). Congress or India is paying the price for not cultivating a proactive opposition in politics and in the parliamentary system of governance we adopted, post-independence. The article suggests 'action points' that can be considered by Narendra Modi if he is serious about retaining BJP-led NDA in power for another term and beyond.
Congress (different from UPA) would have done much better in 2019, if the party had come out of the illusion that British had handed over India to one family. The party seems to believe that the absence of 'family control' in governance is just an aberration, off and on, and India can ill-afford displeasing the Nehru hierarchy in the long term. This belief is preventing the party from accepting new ideas or professionalizing leadership at different levels.
To prove that an alternative to the Nehru-Gandhi legacy is possible, Modi and BJP will have to wake up to the need to uphold secularism, prove that ‘Hindutwa’ was just a stepping stone and they are not averse to building a consensus about upholding the spirit of Indian Constitution. What Modi does and speaks during the few weeks left before the elections will be crucial in deciding India’s fortunes in the next decade, irrespective of who wins or loses in the elections.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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