Do you know?: Poem by Sachidanandan

Subject: Do you know?*: A poem by Sachidanandan

Do you know:
Flowers' memory is full of
Just by tilting our head,
Green fields become beautiful parrots,
Rivers become kingfishers?
Do you know:
Grasses grow in height, 
Meditating about heaven!
The silent riverlets,
Woke up, before Buddha!
When potholes on city roads get filled with water,
Your soul is wandering, getting wet in the rains, on the village footpaths?
Do you know:
Souls of Poets dead long ago,
Come as gentle breeze,
To skip through the school boys' books without their knowledge!
And, infatuation is made by,
Melting the five elements love, affection, anger, sorrow and lust
In fire!
Do you know:
If the fast running mind of men is chased, caught, shorn and tamed,
It'll be a golden cat!
Do you know:
Snow is under the sleep,
And, under the snow, there is a shine of moonlight!
Do you know:
The same creative imagination,
That gave shape to deserts,
Created oceans!
And the shades of one fall on the other!!
Do you know:
God doesn't know the God exists,
And, if God knows, He is unlikely to be the God!
And, do you know:
God is writing His last book,
A leaf, a day!

*Free translation of Malayalam poem by Sachidanandan published in Mathrubhumi Weekly, March 24, 2019


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