Sacrifice, faith, efficacy of meditation

Subject: A saga of sacrifice - Faith can do wonders: Miracles can happen
Reading this I'm reminded of Stanza 140 (on the efficacy of meditation) of Aparokshanubhuti which reads:
"Bhaavitam teevravegena yadastu nishchayaatmanaa l
Pumaamstaddhi bhaveccheeghram njeyam bhramarakeetavat ll 140 ll"
A person who meditates upon a thing with great assiduity and firm conviction, becomes that very thing. This may be understood* from the illustration of the wasp and the worm.
*It is a popular belief that when a wasp brings into its hole a particular kind of insect, the latter, out of fear, constantly thinks of its assailant till it is transformed into a wasp. So also if a person meditates upon Brahman with all his mind, he will become Brahman in course of time.
M G Warrier


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