Narasimhavatharam: Mythology behind Holi

Subject: Not Just A Festival Of Colours, Here’s The Mythological Significance Of Holi
This morning, I was sitting on a cement bench in the lawns in our colony. By my side was Shri Khatri another Exrbite, some 5 years senior to me. Yesterday's Holi "fire" before us was still "smoking". KhatriJi narrated one version of the mythological story behind Holi celebration and the fire. This link gives Khatri's version of the story.
This brought back to my memory the "Narasimhavatharam" Kathakali we used to watch sitting in the open air in the temple compound. It would be almost early morning when dozing "we" would wake up startled by the sounds made by Narasimha while handling the intestinal parts of Hiranyakashipu. We could see blood on Narasimha's toungue!
Those were the days!

M G Warrier


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