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Step by step progress
Ramachariar says, as reported, that it might be difficult for "some" to concentrate on the qualities of the Lord. I say it is difficult "for a large number" to do this. While rendering Gita, Bhagwan had to goad Arjuna into an action without despair of any kind. He had a mission and this could be achieved only through Arjuna, the "nimithha", the super warrior among the Pandava Army. And the Lord knew well that Arjuna would certainly follow His advice, for Arjuna is then the  closest follower of Krishna.
But in the modern world when we all do not have a war to wage as Arjuna had to do, although every activity of ours is virtually a mini war in achieving our goals. So what should we do to concentrate on the Lord? The more appropriate method is to follow the Lord's own advice to another devotee of His, Uddhava. The Uddhavopadesham in Bhaagavatham is excellently made, also by the same Lord. This Uddhava Disciple is different from Disciple Arjuna. Here the Lord advises Uddhava to sit in an active Aasana, do praanaayaama, concentrate the mind on the Lord and try to become One with Him. For all of us this seems to me to be the more appropriate course.   
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