Elusive satisfaction

Subject: The elusive satisfaction - Hunting to kill, after that?

This is being forwarded for the message the piece contains. 
You may find a different message. Depends on what you feel, will satisfy you. 
While in school, I thought our headmaster Shri K K Nambiar was the highest paid person around. Later on, someone told the Indian President whose monthly salary was ₹10,000 was the highest paid person in India. 
When I joined service in a pay scale of ₹110-3/7-131-4/11-175-5-180, I thought a salary of ₹200 p. m is all I can aspire.
Satisfaction keeps the goal posts changing.
I can remain contended if my father's prayers are granted on a day-to-day basis:
"Save us from poverty, 
Save us from major ailments,
Let everything good happen,
Give us the wisdom to make right choices,
Protect us..."
M G Warrier


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