Poor customer care @ Amazon.in

Excerpts from the review at Amazon.in (March 24, 2019 Product: Pilocid Tablet)
M G Warrier
Subject: 1 out of 5 stars One should get the item ordered

I had ordered Pilocid tablets x100 costing ₹405 used for piles. Supplied Psorakot tablets x100 costing ₹525 useful for some skin ailment. System tells me the item cannot be replaced. Thinking of other remedies. mgwarrier@gmail.com or Mobile
The agency that sent Psorakot instead of the medicine ordered by me (Pilocifd Tablets x100) after obtaining all the details informed that no exchange or refund was possible. When the product ordered was not delivered in the first place, I was asking for delivery of the product ordered and had offered to return the "wrong product inadvertently delivered to me" Strangely, there was no positive response even after the producer of both the medicines (Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala ) directly took up the issue with Amazon. 
God Save Consumers and Amazon in the long run.


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