Excerpts from Warrier's Collage October 7, 2020

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 7 2020 Wednesday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier Prayer🎻 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyNSOu-Fl-k&lc=UghzgVTP2cZVWngCoAEC Lyrics by Sant Tulsidas. Recited by Sooryagayatri*. Link received from PP Ramachandran *Link to a more recent recital by her is included iunder D below. Good Morning Friends! In this Issue: A Interaction AA MPC Members B I am OK, you are OK! C Poetry : E X Joseph D Blogs and Links E Leisure Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 A Interaction 1) P P Ramachandran "My dear Warrier, Thank you for including in Tuesday's Collage a Goodwill Message to me on my Birthday. If space permits consider for inclusion in Collage this Note. PPR" (Please see C3. Sir, Vihaan shared HBD with you. Join his BD Party. See attachment- Collage feels humbled) 2) S K Gupta, Panchkula 'Easy to use' definitions of various "daily use items" are really wonderful. Congrats in advance for your forthcoming book on RBI. (Gupta, your unreserved support and encouragement give me immense comfort. Whenever I become lazy, such encouraging words pep me up. For various reasons, I had dropped the idea of publishing this third book. During this Lockdown, an enquiry from a friend about the 'progress' woke me up and made me restart the work. It's risky to have good friends😊-Warrier) 2) Sitendra Kumar "A nice digest. I liked inter alia, the article on History and Culture, an account on Saraswat Brahmins. I didn't know the facts in so much detail. I myself is a Saraswat Brahmin. A nice presentation of articles." 3) Surej Kottakkal "I liked the defenitions of Conference rooms and hospitals much which is forwarded by Mr Shetty 👍" AA Current Affairs MPC Members https://www.business-standard.com/article/finance/new-members-give-rbi-s-mpc-a-dovish-tilt-to-hold-rates-on-oct-9-analysts-120100600875_1.html B I am OK, you are OK 1) Book Review http://www.excellentbookreviews.com/review-im-ok-youre-ok/ 2) Presentation https://youtu.be/k8rLZytjzNM There are more videos accessible on the subject. I picked up one for introducing the subject. 3) Booster Dose https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2017/03/14/its-ok-to-be-ok-the-subtle-inspiration-of-amy-krouse-rosenthal/ It's not easy to be happy being OK! Though many are getting reconciled with the idea this Calendar Year (2020) C. Readers Write 1) Poetry. : E X Joseph VALENTINE'S DAY THE CELEBRATION OF LOVE The snowflakes show the total purity of love the songs of birds ring the sweet sound of love the blooming flower carries the divine beauty of love the floating cloud follows the tranquil movement of love the leaves of grass rejoice in the freshness of love the glorious sun radiates the brightness of love the distant, soft thunder resounds love's happy laughter the exotic full moon hides the cool, tender glance of love the morning breeze brings the serene soft whisper of love the gently falling raindrops bring the teardrops of love the dark cloud brings the passionate tresses of love the ever expanding universe has the infinity of love the sky of the heart has the mysterious rainbow of love the earth throbs with creation's unspeakable,aching love all existence fills every moment with eternal love. LET'S JOIN OUR HEARTS IN THE CELEBRATION OF LOVE e.x.joseph (While sharing the poem with friends, I observed in February 2016 : "Gentle, Elegant, Cool expressions of LOVE encompassing the entire UNIVERSE In a LANGUAGE, which has been mastered only by POETS like Joseph. May be a 'repeat' statement: A POEM IS ENJOYED BEST, WHEN IT IS WRITTEN IN THE WAY THE READER/LISTENER WOULD HAVE WRITTEN/SUNG, HAD HE BEEN THE POET! This is one such creation! - M G Warrier, Mumbai")


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