Warrier's Collage October 26, 2020: Excerpts

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 26, 2020 Monday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier 1 Satsang https://youtu.be/FFLtcaND9o8 (With Sarvapriyananda ) 2 Music (Chaudhvin ka chand...) https://youtu.be/opPsOZSd8t Quote for the Day : "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -Martin Luther King Posted by: M G Warrier Reporting RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das tests COVID Positive https://www.livemint.com/news/india/rbi-governor-shaktikanta-das-tests-positive-for-covid-19-says-he-s-asymptomatic-11603631989584.html Interaction 1) E T Rajendran, Chennai Music "Two ardent lovers of Hindi film songs, Shri Ramesh Warrier and Shri Jayakumar. One provides the link and the other gives a vivid description of the film and the contextual meaning of the songs. Both may be good singers too." (Yes. Ramesh writes poems. Recently he won a prize for recital of his own poem. Jayakumar, Ex-RBI is a music lover and has diverse interests in arts and music- Collage) 2) Sitendra Kumar Interesting articles. One on Arthashastra. Shamasastry unearthed it. Lord Curzon was the Viceroy at that time. Locating the Arthashastra was a momentous event.This incident diametrically changed the views of the Europeans about India.We had a well conceived , well managed administrative system in ancient India which continued down the line during the time of Ashoka the Great, Samudra Gupta, Harshavardhan, Mughals in medieval period and so on with slight changes. Another article in on Nose knows is a good one. When T N Kaul, a former foreign secretary in his ICS interview was asked, You have a big nose', he replied, Yes, people with big nose can't look beyond them. Some of the great people had big nose. Indira Gandhi had a big nose and so was the case with Field Marshal Manekshaw. Charles De Gaulle also had a big nose. The Collage contains many articles of wisdom" (Thanks, Sitendraji)


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