Warrier's Daily Collage : Excerpts

Excerpts from Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 17, 2020 Saturday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier Opening Song : https://youtu.be/AMuRRXCuy-4 (Link received from Ramesh Warrier, Architect, Thiruvanantapuram) Friends Quote for the Day : ". There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity" SAMUEL JOHNSON Nice Day M G Warrier Interaction 1) Kiran Warrier "I think the Aarti Dogra story write-up doesn’t say she is only 3.5 feet tall , the photo had conveyed it" (You know, Collage comes without attachments. So photo was not attached. This link will help : https://youtu.be/2bwij3gbMv4) 2) K Ramasubramanian, Mumbai "Anaayasena maranam Vina dainyena jeevanam Dehaante thava saannidhyam Dehi me parameswaram" This sloka accepts death as an event of life or may be recognised as end of life. The process and prospects are emphasized. This as a way of life matches with Shri Akitham's approach." (The stanza with meaning can be accessed at : https://www.devshoppe.com/blogs/articles/sloka-anaayesaena-maranam-with-meaning In 1979, when I personally went and met one of our senior family friends to inform him about my father's demise, after ascertaining that my father had a "peaceful end", this 'Anaayasena...' stanza was recited to me by that person. He added: Now, will remember in Prayers. Thanks-Warrier) 3) R Jayakumar Better India "I agree with Mr Sundaresan's views on how we can make India a better nation (if not the best). He has done the impossible task of enumerating the various ills prevalent in our society and administration, ( as many as eighteen of them ), which need serious introspection. We have a rich culture. We have rich resources. But we utilise them very badly. It is not enough to draw the best lessons from our own ancient history alone, but also welcome ideas that have been accepted and proved successful in other parts of the world. Honesty, compassion, not being greedy, value for life, loathing laziness, care for health, love for nature and above all love for the country, all these can make India Shining." (Collage suggestion to pick up one by one from the "Eighteen" and create a "To Do" list for the government, stands. If the suggestions are brief- say 50 to 70 words, Collage will carry them under "Listen to this") 4) Ranjit Kumar Rehan Ashtavakra Gita "Very concisely explained. I could recollect having purchased that from Kanpur Railway Station- Geeta Press stall in late 90s. In fact, I feel like reading once again & bring it to Dubai when I am allowed to visit India by both the Govts. I fear long quarantine period . Thanks for sharing such a unique scripture. With regards & festive greetings Ranjit Kumar Rehan" 5) More about the Mahaakavi Akkitham: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/he-stands-apart-in-stature-virtue/article30119416.ece


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