Gandhi Jayanti 2020

Today is Gandhi Jayanti. Let's listen to Mahatma before entering Collage: Warrier's Collage 02102020 : Gandhi Jayanti A Interaction V N Kelkar " After listening to Sanjeev Sanyal's speech (Link in Collage 30092020) we feel that there is a need to look at how history is taught in our country and a radical change in the syllabus is the immediate need of the hour. As we all know Shri Sanjeev Sanyal is the Principal Economic Adviser in the MOF. It's amazing to watch him talking on a subject from the history- ' the other important side of India's freedom struggle. ' His speech at FICCI forum on the story of India's freedom struggle was fantastic. We who watched the you tube link and those present in the lecture hall were spell bound with the flow of his speech, the clarity with which he was linking the characters and events in the history and highlighting the story of armed resistance to the British over a long period. We especially the seniors can easily visualise those events. Seriously it's high time we rewrite the history of our freedom struggle and tell our young students this side of the freedom struggle also without losing further time." B Current Affairs 1) E X Joseph, Atlanta "My dear Warrier, my endeavour to touch young minds through establishing a good library has been a good one for the community to instill reading habits and try to keep away from negative thoughts. The girl Yamuna who is making news (See the link below) is the daughter of our Librarian in Kochi. She is also secretary of our trust. Yamuna always said that I instilled a great passion in her to take to law and thus the success story. (Congratulations and Best Wishes to Yamuna from Collage. Many Thanks to E X Joseph for sharing this inspiring news. Across the length and breadth of Kerala, since the beginning of 20th Century, the "Library and Reading Room" culture and the Cooperative Movement had influenced the development of literacy and thrift habits. Like there was distortion in the written history of India, there has been a deliberate effort to restrict information about the progress of Kerala by starting the Kerala story from 1960's when Malayalee workers travelled to Gulf countries in search of jobs-Warrier) 2) V Vaidyanathan Kiran Warrier sent me a note on this subject. Please open the link for more information. C Readers Write M G Warrier : Rama's elder sister Yes. They say Rama had an elder sister Shanta. She sacrificed her life to help Dasaratha to get sons. Open the link to know more. D Gandhi Jayanti 1) Books Gandhi loved E Elder's Day October 1, 2020 Collage wishes the world will soon get over the current uncertainties and normalcy will be restored. Till then we will help each other to remain "normal"! F Blogs and Links 1) Fast-track justice This article was published in 2013. The number of cases pending in Indian courts have since then gone up. Across courts, it's estimated that about 4 crore cases are pending. 2) Lessons from Ravana G Books by M G Warrier The book "India's Decade of Reforms" by M G Warrier was published by Notion Press, Chennai in 2018. Available in 3 formats (eBook, Paperback and HC) with the Publisher and major online outlets like Amazon, Flipkart etc Access this link to read the first few pages. The same publisher, namely the Notion Press, Chennai is publishing Warrier's third book with focus on RBI and Monetary Policy in October 2020. This will be a "Companion Volume" of "India's Decade of Reforms". Follow me at for updates. This Blog has crossed 2.8 lakhs pageviews.


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