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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 11 2020 Sunday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier Prayer🎻 Mookambika Suprabhatam Recitation : P Leela 2 Bharatanatyam by Asha Sharat (Krishna...Neeyenne Ariyilla : Sugathakumari) (Soorya Festival 2020) Good Morning Friends Collage wishes Aayurarogyasaukhyam to N K S Warrier who is turning 90 in Bangalore today. In this Issue: A Current Affairs B. Spirituality C Strange but true D Readers Write E Blogs and Links F Leisure : Proverbs, Fear works Nice Day M G Warrier A Current Affairs 1) RBI 2) CAG 3) Supreme Court B Spirituality,something%20that%20touches%20us%20all. C Strange but true Some are really strange. D Readers Write 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Kissa Kursi Ka Recent episodes bring to my mind a mythological story about 'Chair love'. Very few in this world are free from lust, that too lust from position and chair. This was not uncommon in those days too. Lord Shiva had gifted a chair to Sage Vasishta. The significance of the chair was that it knew all the schedules and programmes of the sage. If there was any prasang or upanyas the chair will go in advance and get seated in a place worthy of the status of the sage.After a few hours Vasishta without waiting for anybody directing him to any seat would go automatically and sit on the chair gifted by Shiva. This created fury and envy among all the sages. "We have also done lot of penance just like Vasishta; and why he is given predominance over others?" The sages directly went to Shiva and presented a memorandum seeking reasons for the partial treatment shown to Vasishta. Shiva said,"Wait. I shall answer your question. But you have to accomplish a task." The sages were ready. Shiva said.'Each of you go out separately, find out a person whom you consider superior to you, do to him all the Athithi Satkar and bring him to me within 48 days. All of them started towards their mission. Shiva then called for Vasishta and told him, "Find out a person whom you consider inferior to you, do him Athithi Satkar and bring the person to me." Within the stipulated time all the sages returned. Nobody brought any person. Uniformly they said, "We searched in all the places; we could not find even a single soul superior to us." Vasishta also returned empty handed. He said, "Lord; everyone in the world is superior to me; I thought of bringing my wife here. But after some introspection I felt that I am nothing compared to her chastity.( Pathi Vrata Dharma). Hearing Vasishta's reply all sages felt ashamed. It is this humility that earned him the highest status among sages and that is why vasishta's word was considered final. Today also people cling to the chairs,not due to simplicity but due to ................. 2) R Jayakumar Ref : C1 Collage, October 9, 2020 The write up by Madam Vathsala on 'self assessment through Metal Chatter' is a hard subject for us to deal with at this age of our sunset life. In fact, my opinion is that it is not at all the time for us to assess whether the life we have lived so far is worth or is a wasted one. This is the time we have to be content with whatever we are. If there was any wrong we have left behind, we have no time and power to look back and rectify them. It is true that a house built on rock will have a solid foundation; and no storm or rain or bad weather will pull it down. As madam says, we all have tried to build our castles on strong foundation, some did well and many could not make it on a strong foundation. What she means by strong foundation may be that we are not to raise our castles on wealth and health but through a successful moral and non judgmental life. There may have been many failures. But, now is not the time to self assess and rectify. During our active days we had many occasions to judge our own life and correct where necessary. Judging others is not our business. We do not know the condition under which they do what they do. But even to judge ourselves, we are already timed out. There were times in life when I had to make self assessment to decide and discard unwanted load I was carrying on. When a grown up child said that, ' Dad, what you say is old way of thinking, not relevant for youngsters of today, let us dicide for ourself', it was time for me to make a self assessment and change with the time. Or in a group discussion when someone pointed out, what is your qualification, what is your experience to speak like that, it was time to self assess and change myself and repair the castle I had built for myself. But now, it is time to relax and admire the castle in whatever way I have already built. As Mr G Mohandas has pointed out to madam elsewhere, let us accept the fact , You Are What You Are, Be Satisfied Be Happy. (Collage View : Jayakumar's points are valid. Vathsala Jayaraman has clarified the position. We will move on to new areas) E Blogs and Links 1) Boarding Pass This is a pre-COVID days article. Things have changed. 2) Mrityunjaya Mantra Know more : Speaking Tree🌲 F Leisure 1) Lock Down Lessons*🙏 1.Swedish proverb: The pillow is the best advisor. Meaning: Sleep over a problem and see how you feel in the morning. 2. Kenyan proverb: When elephants fight, it is the grass that gets hurt. Meaning: Fights of the powerful hurt only the little guys. 3. Ancient Roman proverb: Hunger is the best sauce. Meaning: Everything tastes better when you are hungry. 4. Japanese proverb: A frog in a well does not know the great sea. Meaning: There is more going on than you know, try and see the big picture. 5. Turkish proverb: If the world flooded, it would not matter to the duck. Meaning: Things that are bad for you, aren’t always bad for everyone. 6. Filipino proverb: Leave it to the batman. Meaning: Some problems require superheroes to solve. 7. Russian proverb: To live with the wolves, you have to howl like a wolf. Meaning: In dangerous situations, try and blend in. 8. French proverb: A hungry stomach has no ears. Meaning: You can’t concentrate without food in your tum tum. 9. Kenyan proverb: Slippery ground does not recognise a king. Meaning: Even the most powerful people are just human deep down. 10. Gaelic proverb: A cat in mittens won’t catch mice. Meaning: Being careful and polite doesn’t always get things done. *Forward received from S Venugopal, Chennai 2) Fear works* John was a very dull boy. His peers called him "Father of fools" When he was in a Private school he got the following results: Maths = 2% English = 5% Science = 0% Social sciences = 1% He was taken to a government school and got the following results; Maths = 0% English = 1% Science = 0% Social sciences = 0% His parents were very disappointed but still decided to put him in a Catholic school even though they were not catholic. The First term John passed and was the first in the class . Maths = 90% English = 93% Science = 95% Social sciences = 89% His parents could not believe it. They asked him how he managed to pass and he said : "When I saw a man nailed on the cross at every corner of the school building, I knew that these teachers don't joke with students here, they will nail me too'' The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. *Forward received from Yashodhan Mujumdar, Mumbai


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