Warrier's Collage October 30, 2020 : Excerpts

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 30, 2020 Friday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier 1 Prayer https://youtu.be/Z90NYMBDib0 (Navagraha Stotram ) 2 Music https://youtu.be/fVg6Ehu1VXY (Devdas...) (Link courtesy : Ramesh Warrier Thiruvanantapuram) 3 Quote for the Day : "Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life" Omar Khayyam Posted by M G Warrier AA Hitguj V N Kelkar's Message Just received keenly awaited hard copy of Hitguj dated 15 October. Thanks to the editorial committee for the contents and especially for providing detailed information on submission of life certificate. Though belated, my heartiest greetings to Shri Ulhas Shinde on his turning important milestone in his life, 75 years of age. We all receive soft copy of HITGUJ regularly coutsey Shri Ulhas Shinde. He has been efficiently managing the show single handedly with great sense of service to Hitguj subscribers and retirees. Hats off to him for his dedicated efforts and skills. जीवेत शरदः शतम् । May God bless him with healthy active and long life. (Collage shares Kelkar's Message. For the information of readers outside RBI Family: Hitguj is a monthly bulletin brought out by the RBI Retirees Association, Mumbai-Collage) A Eradicating Corruption https://www.moneylife.in/article/eradicating-corruption-power-to-the-people/28742.html 2012 article


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