Warrier's Collage 09102020 : Prayers

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 9 2020 Friday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier Prayer🎻 https://youtu.be/6DxNOBnCOFA Sudarshana Ashtakam for curing illness Good Morning Friends In this Issue: A Interaction AA New Deputy Governor B Prayer C Readers Write : C2 Gayatri Mantra D Blogs and Links E Leisure : Salad for the soul There will be no "Regular Collage" on October 11 & 12, 2020. Nice Day M G Warrier A Interaction 1) Sumitra Kalyanaraman Ref : C2 of October 8, 2020 " Dear Vathsala, There is absolutely no reason for you to feel confused or go into a detailed self assessment which will only make you more confused. You make your life peaceful or miserable only by your reactions to the goings on around you. You have to tell yourself that this is my reaction according to the values imbibed by me by my upbringing and the experiences gained by me in life and stick to it. Don’t keep analysing it once you have realised that that was your firm conviction. But, there is always a but, when you may feel that your earlier reaction was made in a hurry or without being aware of the full facts you can always make amends. Nothing stops you. But don’t go on analysing. Life will be spent only on analysis not Enjoyment. Our happiness is in our hands and no one can make us unhappy if we decide to be happy. We admire you, respect you and regard you as one of the most brilliant persons we have come across. So decide and determine to be happy once you have shown your reaction born out of years of wisdom gained in life by the grace of God or whatever values you cherish. Sairam" ( Collage View : Generally, except in exceptional cases, personal experiences are shared publicly for the common interest and not with the expectation of problem-solving. We benefit from the narrations of situations faced by persons like Vathsala Jayaraman who is able to explain incidents in her own life from the view point of a witness) Vathsala Jayaraman clarifies : "I wrote generally about the wanderings of human mind citing me as an example. Yes,there are occasions when we regret the decision however much care we have taken in taking decisions. But we never hesitate facing problems and take the next probable and possible step. My idea was to elaborate on ramblings of human mind.This has nothing to do with my personal experiences alone. Vathsala jayaraman" 2) T R S Iyer's response on RBI under AA1 AA Current Affairs 1) New Deputy Governor for RBI https://m.economictimes.com/news/economy/policy/govt-appoints-m-rajeshwar-rao-as-new-deputy-governor-of-rbi/articleshow/78539248.cms This is a welcome trend. Out of 4 Deputy Governors 3 are career central bankers. One of them, hopefully, will become Governor -Warrier TRS Iyer adds* : " Rajeshwar Rao is a thorough gentleman and he deserves it. I think he did his MBA from Kochi. His father Sreepadarao was an IAS Officer and Secretary in Govt of Kerala and my father as Deputy Secretary was working with him. He has taken a spacious flat in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. He was also a faculty member in BTC. Though physically challenged, he is simple, honest, sincere, hardworking, helpful, eversmiling and good-natured human being." (*Excerpted from a personal message-Collage) 2) World Sight Day 2020 https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2020/10/08/default-calendar/world-sight-day-2020#:~:text=World%20Sight%20Day%20is%20an,the%20theme%3A%20Hope%20In%20Sight. Second Thursday of October every year is observed as World Sight Day 3) India : Population https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/india-population/ B Prayer 1) Why do we pray? https://www.speakingtree.in/article/why-do-we-pray-167821 If you didn't get the answer, ask your Guru. If you don't have one, share your doubt in your group. If you don't have a group, ask the person who will visit you this weekend. 2) Prayer for environment protection http://www.praying-nature.com/site_pages.php?section=Eco-Prayers&category_ref=64 It works. C Readers Write 1) English Translation of a Malayalam story* http://books.sayahna.org/ml/pdf/madhavan-chandralekha.pdf Link received from Edassery Madhavan. 2) Gayatri Mantra* "DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY DEITIES ARE MENTIONED IN GAYATRI MANTRA? There are 26 gods in gayatri mantra That is why it’s called the mother of all mantras *OM* Tat- ganesh Sa- Narasimha Vi- vishnu Tu-siva Va- krishna Re-radha Ni - lakshmi Yam- agni Bha- indra Rgo - saraswati De- durga Va- hanuman Sya- prithvi Dhee- surya Ma- Sriram Hi-seetha Dhi- chandra Yo- yama Ya-brahma Na- varuna Pra-Lakshmi and Vishnu Cho-hayagreeva Da- hamsa Yaat - tulasi Gayatri has fire in the face, Brahma the creator in forehead, Vishnu the protector in heart and Siva the destroyer on top of head. So its a combination of all Gods. Goddess Gaythri confers the boon of Intelligence, Protection as Savithri and Learning as Saraswathi. Gayathri is therefore called Sarvadevata Swarupini." *Copied from a forward received from my Sasthamangalam (Thiruvanantapuram) friend Babu who is now in Canada. Thought this goes well with today's Theme "Prayer"-Warrier) 3) Friendship Milk and water Vathsala Jayaraman Today morning, milk started boiling and I rushed to the stove and poured a little bit of water to pacify it. Though this is a normal happening, I was reminded of a Subhashitham which I studied in Std7.Just I searched for it in Google and identified the shloka. क्षीरेणात्मगतोदकाय हि गुणाः दत्ताः पुरा तेऽखिलाः क्षीरे तापमवेक्ष्य तेन पयसा ह्यात्मा कृशानौ हुतः । गन्तुं पावकमुन्मनस्तदभवद्दृष्ट्वा तु मित्रापदम् युक्तं तेन जलेन शाम्यति सतां मैत्री पुनस्त्वीदृशी ॥ - नीतिशतकम् Milk imparts its inherent qualities like sweetness to its constituent water. When it is boiled, the water on having seen the milk in distress immediately sacrifices itself to the fire (and evaporates). The milk in turn becomes eager to throw itself into the fire (by boiling over) on seeing the plight of its friend water. However, it settles down when some water is poured. Such is the nature of friendship of the virtuous. A normal event attracts the attention of Bhartruhari and makes him explain the essence of friendship through the simple incidence overflowing milk. Of course there is the scientific explanation of bringing the temperature lower to that of the boiling point of milk. D Blogs and Links 1) Mother https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/basicinstincts/a-new-life-the-mother-26866/ This 70 words Blog is interesting. Please see my online comments. 2) Live this moment https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/motivational-stories First and last lesson 3) Making amends https://experiencelife.com/article/making-amends/ The links in Collage won't get you "there". They may help you to find your right route. 4) Swami Vivekananda https://openthemagazine.com/columns/the-swami-and-the-himalayas/ Swami Vivekananda's journey to the Himalayas. E. Leisure Like salad for the soul* https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/Like-salad-for-the-soul/article16437696.ece *This is a 2016 article. The link may not open sometimes, asking for subscription. Then, skip and read only my response (below) My response : Salad for the soul The piece “Like salad for the soul” by Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta (The Hindu, November 6) itself flowed into one’s soul like a poetry. By the time one finished the quote in the penultimate paragraph which read: “…Bare ruin’d choirs, where late the sweet birds sang…” thoughts had wandered elsewhere making tough to separate one’s own memories and those in the narrative. Reading the article was a profound experience. The illustration brought back to mind a scaring personal experience of 1950’s. During my Class VII vacation, I was in my sister’s house in a remote village in Kannur (Kerala). The house had a big compound and my sister had some goats being reared for milk. By around 11 a m suddenly we heard the barking of a canine of dogs and when we came out of the house and saw, a young lamb was being bitten by several dogs. After driving away the dogs, we started giving ‘first aid’ to the bleeding lamb. I still remember its pathetic look piercing into my eyes. It was one of the pet lambs for my sister. I was asked to accompany a helper from the neighborhood to carry the lamb to a Veterinary Hospital, some five kilometers away(In Mahe which was part of Pondicherry then where medical facilities were much better than those available in Malabar). The helper was another boy and we carried the lamb by turn. The Vet there, after dressing the wounds, suggested injections for rabies as an abundant precaution. The helper and I commuted the 5 km route on alternate days, carrying the lamb, and once the wounds subsided, making it walk. The lamb survived. M G Warrier, Mumbai


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