Warrier's Collage October 22, 2020 : Excerpts

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 22, 2020 Thursday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier 1 Prayer (Day 6 of Navratri) https://youtu.be/ngwb_DNxTK4 (Katyayani Mantra) More... https://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/events/navratri-day-6-colour-today-mata-katyayani-mantra-puja-ghatasthapana-and-significance/amp_articleshow/71424677.cms 2 Music https://youtu.be/MkABeVCv4lw (Badan pe sitare...) (Link provided by Ramesh Warrier) Quote for the Day* : "All men's souls are immortal. Souls of the righteous are immortal and Divine" -SOCRATES *Inspired by another quote received from S R Badrinarayanan Learning continues. Let's remember teachers. Today in COLLAGE : A Interaction B. Teachers C. Good Teachers D Ancient Teacher Posted by: M G Warrier A Interaction 1) Relationship* "Speaking without Ego, Loving without Intentions, Caring without Expectations and Praying without Selfishness are the signs of a True Relationship." (*Forward received from A J Mary, Thiruvanantapuram. If something is still missing, readers are welcome to add-Collage) 2) P A Premkumar Shared a quote : "Nothing can dim the light which shines from within" (Premkumar clicks Sunrise everyday-Collage) 🌅🌅🌅 B Teachers 1) Remembering a Teacher https://www.readersdigest.in/true-stories/story-my-most-unforgettable-teacher-124417 2) Teaching https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/highway-of-thoughts/teaching-ikigai-25828/ C Good Teachers Qualities of a good teacher https://www.snhu.edu/about-us/newsroom/2017/12/qualities-of-a-good-teacher D Ancient Teacher Six roles of a teacher https://www.independentthinking.co.uk/blog/posts/2019/december/the-six-roles-of-the-ancient-teacher-which-will-you-be-today/ Role-Play.


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