Warrier's Collage October 23, 2020: Excerpts

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE October 23, 2020 Friday Your daily dose of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier 1 Prayer https://youtu.be/e0K4P8BfXpI (Day 7 of Navratri) 2 Music (Mera Dil Bhi....) https://youtu.be/FsNc7I33w60 (Link provided by Ramesh Warrier) Quote for the Day : "To be, or not to be..." https://youtu.be/SjuZq-8PUw0 Today in COLLAGE: AA. C-Update A Interaction : A teacher remembering... Posted by: M G Warrier AA Current Affairs C-Update India sets aside $7 billion to vaccinate its population: Sources - http://toi.in/lYpIBY2/a31gj Use the TOI app to get Breaking news and headlines. Download now: https://timesofindia.onelink.me/efRt/ASmwebshare A Interaction 1) Responses on Swati Thiagarajan Collage received several responses with reference to Dr T V Surendran's forward on Swati Thiagarajan's views on life. From the spelling of Swati's grandmother's (MSS) name to Swati's residential status, various aspects were covered in long responses. Collage has space only to acknowledge the responses with thanks. On spelling Warrier's view is reproduced below : "I'm not sure about the spelling of my own name. It started with Variar. Travelled through Variyar, Wariyar, Varier, Wariar and now I am Warrier. Subbalaxmi to Subbulakshmi must be another journey. I enjoyed reading the comments. Collage has moved further" 2) C V Subbaraman, Mysuru Remembering an interesting Interaction : "Every year lakhs of students move from one class to another in schools and colleges, leaving the teachers behind in their old classes! Remembering them later in life comes out of our respect and introspection. More moving than remembering a teacher is the remembering the student by the teacher. I had once gone on a holiday to my "native" place, Chittur (Palakkad district). From there I visited Tattamangalam, another town in the same Taluk, about three miles from Chittur. From there I was returning to Chittur and came to the bus stop. A couple of others were also waiting for the town bus to arrive. One elderly gentleman came up to me, patted on my back and before I could look up to him, he asked me "are you not C V Subbaraman?" I could not believe my eyes and ears: my primary school teacher Shri G. was standing before me! He had taught me rudiments of English and Malayalam languages in school, used to be loving, smiling, and never taking any cane in his hands to "control" the students. After more than fifty years of my passing out of his class, he remembered my face, my name and the initials of my name! One can imagine our mutual feelings. No need to say that our short but sweet conversation for the next half an hour was so wonderful and great that I cannot forget it for ever."


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