A postscript on the NJAC - The Hindu

A postscript on the NJAC - The Hindu


level appointments
This refers to the
article “A postscript on the NJAC” (The Hindu, December 15). At this stage of development,
the view taken by the Apex Court on NJAC and the debate that is on are healthy
signs for the evolution of a system best suited for appointments to top
positions in the Indian judiciary, in the Indian context.
It would have been more
appropriate, if the government grabbed this opportunity to overhaul the entire
processes and procedures for appointments to top positions in government and
statutory bodies. Such a review can consider, among other things (a) making
procedures professional and transparent, (b) creating a talent pool for
consideration of candidates for succession when vacancies arise, (c) ensuring a
market-related compensation package for top positions and (d) providing
guidance on qualifications, experience and minimum tenure at top positions
including at CJI’s level, which may need certain changes in the present concept
of retirement.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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