Been grateful enough for it all? - The Hindu

Been grateful enough for it all? - The Hindu


"Do you feel grateful now? I don’t hope so. Gratefulness sometimes sounds insane, but it really isn’t. It is a way in which an individual could gain joy. This joy makes your heart as light as a feather. I think your life would be simply empty without these adorable people in your life. Without them being a part of your life, your life wouldn’t be a life.
Feel grateful that you have these people in your life. Feel grateful for having parents who could do wonders to make you happy. Feel grateful for having a friend you can find nowhere else. Feel grateful for having teachers who are the sole reason for what you are now. Feel grateful for having such wonderful people around you who help you, when you need them the most. Feel grateful for being a part of this beautiful world. Feel grateful for just being who you are.
Indeed, gratefulness defines who you are."

Read the full article using the link provided. You will feel greatful to The Hindu for publishing this article @Open Page!
M G Warrier


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