Weekend Lighter wishes its readers 


Season’s Prayers/Greetings/Wishes
(A poem by E X Joseph)


Let’s welcome the season of joy.
 of light
the season of beginnings fresh and bright
of  the end of an year of strife and fright
of the birth of an year of peace, of rule of right.

Let’s hear the message of everlasting prosperity
of harmony and brotherhood for all posterity
of an earth that bathes in the waters of simplicity
of a heaven with rainbows that shine with ecstasy.

Let’s open our eyes to the star that has crossed frontiers
to give mankind  the promise of a world without borders
to show the light that will ensure a future without wars
to fill every home with love that knows no sorrow, no tears.

Let us join our hands with innocent, humble  shepherds
and see the manger where a poor, ill-clad   mother shelters
a baby  born to show glory  of spirit, of  life without negation
and to teach  simplicity, freedom and  the mystery of  creation.


*Predictions for 2016:

‘Social success guaranteed.
Politicians will find more supporters.
Do not allow mood swings to affect you.
Lady luck smiles on you in August.
You will be the centre of attraction in social gatherings.
Spend wisely.
A pilgrimage is likely.
Your children make you proud.
Tiffs with friends will end on a happy note.
Stay away from gossip mongers.
You will connect with powerful people.
Your skills will come to your aid.’

*Picked up at random from ‘Predictions for 2016’ by K K Vamanan Nampoothiri in The Week, December 27, 2015. One or more of the predictions can turn out right for you!

Bonus reading:

From a group email:

If you need to buy cow dung cakes, you don't really need to step out of your house and head to a cowshed anymore. With just a click of the mouse, e-commerce platforms will deliver them right to your doorstep. And believe it or not, the demands are huge.
Organic cow dung cakes are flooding the online marketplace. Be it Amazon India, Shopclues or eBay - all of the leading e-commerce platforms are selling cow dung cakes online with attractive offers, discounts and even gift-wrap options.

According to the sites, the product is delivered to end users at zero shipping charges. Each package contains 8 pieces of cow dung cake, weighing 200 grams per piece, and the price ranges between Rs 100 and Rs 400 for the entire package.
What a good fortune for cow dung!

Vathsala Jayaraman

Suggested further reading
If you are not a subscriber of The Week, do pick up a copy of the current issue (ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL-DOUBLE ISSUE) from the news stand for Rs35. The Cover Story, ‘History of India Through 25 People’ will give you value for money spent. Read and gift it to a student at home or in the neighbourhood. After the event, if you are unhappy, approach me for reimbursement* of the Rs 35 you spent.
*Conditions apply. Offer valid till sunset on December 31, 2015. Only 3 early birds able to prove dissatisfaction in not more than 100 words  will get reimbursement (NET OF PROCESSING FEES AND REMITTANCE EXPENSES)!



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