‘Set up climate change management fund with Nabard at the helm’ | Business Line

‘Set up climate change management fund with Nabard at the helm’ | Business Line


23, 2015
as change agents
This refers to Vinson
Kurian’s report ‘Set up climate change management fund with Nabard at the helm’
(The Hindu Business Line, December 23). Last couple of years, despite
resistance  from several quarters, India
has clearly announced the country’s intention to move fast  on development path and it is comforting to
find that institutions are playing a proactive role supporting the people’s
movement forward. The changeover of Planning Commission to NITI Aayog, RBI’s intention to introduce
several new institutions in the financial sector and financial products to
bring idle gold into the mainstream and encouraging banks to go aggressive on
financial inclusion, GOI’s willingness to have meaningful dialogue with
opposition outside the house when the latter obstruct proceedings in parliament
and Centre’s use of electronic and print media to elicit and share views of
citizens on development issues are all signs of a maturing democracy.
The demand for NABARD
being at the helm of ‘climate change management fund’ coming from All India
NABARD Employees’ Association need to be seen in this context. Trade Unions are
also changing and re-inventing their role. It is comforting to see that many
employees’ organisations are becoming proactive and coming out with suggestions
for making the institutions they represent more effective in performing their
mandated roles. This role which was actually being played by these unions went
unnoticed so far, as media paid attention only to the agitations they
sponsored, mostly with focus on wages or service conditions. After all,
institutions have to depend on people they employ and ‘outsourcing’ and
technology can be effective only with in-house expertise and skill to deploy
and match them.

G Warrier,


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