Be afraid, disasters are waiting to happen - The Hindu

Be afraid, disasters are waiting to happen - The Hindu


Arguments put forth in
the article for India to fall in line on ‘standards’ being prescribed by
developed countries for the so called developing nations cannot be countered
from legal perspectives, because, international standards are prescribed by the
elite nations which do not have problems of chid deaths due to malnutrition, houses
without electricity, citizens not being able to fight elections because they do
not have toilets at home (sometime they do not have homes also!), girls are not
able to go to school as schools do not have toilet facilities, cars being
parked on middle of the road for want of parking facilities, daily death by
falling from the trains while fighting to remain inside crowded suburban locals
and so on.
Let us agree that rich countries
are still reluctant to allow poor countries even to express their views in
international forums on a level playing field. The existence of veto power in
the UN and keeping nations capable of voicing concerns of the ‘third world’ out
of UN Security Council are all examples of management techniques adopted by the
rich. In countries like India, priorities will still be for poverty
elimination, literacy, housing and electricity for all and certain social
security measures for children, the aged and the physically and mentally
challenged. Simultaneously we will listen to preaching on subjects like climate
change and make efforts to improve lifestyles of the local elite.
G Warrier
, Mumbai


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