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The Hindu Business Line, January 1, 2016
Building on Sansad Mahal
Manasi Phadke’s piece, ‘Wah! Sansad Mahal’ (Tweakonomics, December 31), will, in all probability, be skipped by policymakers as just another expression of envy by a scribe who missed the new year party @Sansad Mahal. But it makes a case for revisiting all the real estate owned and occupied by ‘government’, from Rashtrapati Bhavan down to the remotest village office.
Perhaps, Rashtrapati Bhavan, sprawling over 320 acres, may be in a position to accommodate several Central government offices and residences of VVIPs, if modern building patterns and technologies are used. So too with the Raj Bhavans. Think of the resources such a change would release. Maybe, Central and State governments will be able to wipe out their entire deficits. Will someone take this message to the finance ministry before it goes into quarantine to put together the Budget?
MG Warrier



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