Walks of life | Business Line

Walks of life | Business Line


26, 2015
BLink  walking special
The Hindu Business Line
BLink (December 26) celebrating BLink’s 100th edition, is a
collector’s item. But treasure it after at least one reading, cover to cover.
The cover story, ‘Walks of life’ is spread in 20 out of 24 pages of this issue.
By habit, many of us keep away well-researched articles on serious subjects
like those packaged here for reading ‘later’ and that ‘later’ rarely happens.
For me, any discussion
about long walks brings back childhood memories. Like Dad’s long walks carrying
me on his shoulders to reach destinations miles away during late 1940’s,
class-mates reaching school late everyday as they came walking/running several
miles(1950’s) and pilgrimages to Sabarimala and Kottiyoor which involved several
hours of walking in 1960’s.
Things have changed. For
many. Now walking is either related to livelihood, to reach places of work or
on doctor’s advice. In the latter case, you will find ‘victims’ bargaining with
doctors as to whether walking can be substituted by ‘exercise on machines at
home’ or for reduction of time from a daily forty-five minutes to 30 minutes for
4 days a week!
My plea to all healthy
Indians is, health permitting, walk for walking’s sake, everyday morning for at
least 45 minutes, without carrying any electronic gadgets on your person. This
will make your brain work faster, save time on several chores that normally
take more time, improve appetite, reduce medical expenses, give you sound sleep
reducing the need to take rest during the day and keep you healthy for longer
G Warrier,

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