Watch "100th Dasakam , Narayaṇeeyam -- Smt P. Leela - English subtitles" 

Advance Bonus: Lokanarkavu Temple 

Watch "7 Wonders of India: Temple" : Nomination


Watch "A scene from Parvathi Parinayam - Sridevi Nrithyalaya - Bharathanatyam Dance"


Links you can open later, if you have listened to Leela.
 Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiripad who composed Narayaneeyam in Sanskrit, P Leela (1934-2005) whose recital of Narayaneeyam you just listened, and the Guruvayur Temple are from/in Kerala.
Hereafter, when you read the social media comments linking Kerala and several negatives, try to remember whatever is left in your hard disc after listening to the above stanzas and watching the videos you will open using the following links and think of the rich heritage and resources Kerala is still preserving under-exploited.

M G Warrier

A. Watch "Sargaalaya - Iringal Art and Craft Village"

If you visit Sargaalaya, you can cross over by boat to the "Iringal Rock" also.

In Malabar, there's a saying : "If the Iringal Rock turns gold, God, you please take half and give us the remaining half!"
Unlike corporates which need a legislation to part with two percent of profit for charity, from time immemorial, we from Malabar trusted God to preserve half of our wealth, which we knew, the almighty will give back to the needy at the right time.
Lokanarkavu Temple is close to Sargaalaya.

B. Watch "Aralam wildlife sanctuary & Meenmutty Waterfalls."

C. Watch "Thekkady in Kerala" 

D. Plantation Agriculture in Kerala


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