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Warrier's Mail, 20052020 : Rediscover Hope, Embrace Reason

Good Morning

As one of the groups in which I am member has some web space problem, I'm trying to be more selective in sending mails/messages and responses to that group. Some friends have informed me personally that they are more comfortable to receive messages via WhatsApp and some others are accessing

Recently, a Facebook friend lamented:

"Some posts give an impression that the writer does so much effort and posts his/her views, as if it will be read by millions. Sometimes, no one else opens the FB page"

Maybe, an exaggerated observation. But we'll discuss a "Writer's Progress" tomorrow, under "Pen Friends". Till then, think about your 20th century pen friends.

 I think it would be appropriate to continue the "Daily Mail" for some more time. Those who get the same message from more than one source (email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Blog, FB...), please excuse.
I'm overwhelmed by the personal responses I'm receiving. Though I thought of sharing select responses in subsequent emails, after experimenting just one day, I realised that I may not be able to do justice in selection from several personal responses and at least some of us may not be comfortable with going public!

Nice Day

M G Warrier

A. Rediscover Hope, Embrace Reason

B. Useful links

1) Don't abandon the walking class

Link to another blog. Some inputs to mess up your own thoughts.

2) Show me the money! Analysts say illusory stimulus leaves economy, stocks in big trouble 

Posted online comments

C. Bonus Read: 

ISKCON News: Steve Jobs and the Krishna Connection

The relationship Steve Jobs had with ISKCON is known to all. But all may not know how ISKCON perceived it.
Here's one version. Worth a second look in the current situation. 
As I always say, life and history come without rewind, pause or fast forward keys. Allow the present to happen. Future will take care of itself. Those who thought otherwise are regretting somewhere.
                         ****.     ****


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