Warrier's Daily Blog, May 18, 2020 : Treasure Hunt

Warrier's Daily Mail, May 18, 2020 : 

"Treasure Hunt" continues!

A. What they said yesterday (Excerpted from emails received on May 17, 2020)

1) An appreciation from Shri V Babusenan 

a)Sreekumar's review of Ahluwalia's book- 
I happened to watch the book release. Now I am convinced from reading Sreekumar's review, where he has raised some very valid points , that it does not deserve to be that much eulogised. Any mobile phone would have told him that Indira Gandhi reigned longer. His closing of eyes to many wrong things like making Venkitaramanan a scapegoat ,blaming the Bank for the misdeeds of GOI, etc has been brought out in the review.

b)Warrier's article on India's gold problem.

A quite lucidly argued one. I entirely agree with Warrier. A large chunk of the immense unaccounted wealth, in the form of gold bars and ornaments ,  lying with the places of worship should  be taken over by an entity formed for the purpose and used wisely for the very important needs of the country. I remember to have given this suggestion in Mathrubhoomi when the neo - rich Lord Padmanabha was the topic of discussion.
In my opinion we are approaching another right occasion.

V Babusenan, Ex-RBI, Thiruvananthapuram

2) Shri A Chandramauleeswaran, Ex-ED, RBI wrote:

Book review

I went through the review. He has torn the claims made in the book to pieces. Mr Ahluwalia was made to look great through his sycophants. Sreekumar rightly points out that Dr. Manmohan Singh is a man of no convictions. How could he listen to his FS not to resign? Any one with a modicum of self respect would have thrown way his job when the imbecile RG tore the bill. Thanks for sharing the review.

B.  Seven Challenges for Indian Managers

Jayaram Nayar in this talk explains 7 challenges the Indian Manager has to handle emerging from the current crisis.

C. The fault in our Stars 

When a star falls, falls flat on the ground.
Acting is a profession. Those who have the skills to act, become actors, do their "job", get paid and go home! How simple!
How actors become stars?
Stars become super and mega stars?
Why male stars are paid more?
Keep asking questions. No one will answer.
This article also is not about answering inconvenient questions.

D. The Secret of the Temple | The New Yorker

A US journalist investigates the sources, the possible quantity and the myth and reality around the huge accumulation of wealth in the vaults of Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram.
He goes much deeper with a detective mindset. Comes back with much more interesting stories about the treasure. So much is already in the public domain, thanks to the interest taken by Bhakthas who caused a court probe, Manu S Pillai who did some research for his maiden book "Ivory Throne" and Vinod Rai who was associating with Apex Court's efforts.

D. Bonus Read:

Inspirational Poems about Life

Posted online comments. My pick is the last (seventh) poem in this excellent assortment. 
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