Warrier's Mail, 25052020 : Prayers

Warrier's Mail, 25052020 : Prayers

Encouraged by the responses received for mails focusing on Warrier and Rajahs, we move on to Brahmins today.
The Brahmins are re-skilling to take on the fast changing world. They have an inherent urge to learn and teach and no one can match their confidence about survival. The Kerala Nambudiri's sense of humor conceals his ignorance of realities.
Brahmins as a community, in several situations pray for the universal well-being. The opening link is in the context of the thoughts all of us are sharing.

M G Warrier

A. Brahmins on India’s elite campuses say studying science is natural to upper castes

B.  Iyer you go, the Iyengar you get

1) Iyers of South India

2) Book Review : No Onion, No Garlic

C. Nambudiris of Kerala

2) Watch more on "Nambudiri" on YouTube

3) Watch "Kuttichathan Theyyam at Vallikkunnam Illam, Vadassery, Kannur" 


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