Warrier's Daily Mail, May 12, 2020 : Mongoose & Snake

Warrier's Daily Mail, May 12, 2020 : An age-old rivalry : Mongoose and snake

What Day is today, May 12, 2020?

International Nurses Day 2020: Why we celebrate this day on May 12? All you need to know:

A. The Unlocked Dawn

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Dear Reader,
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we used to console : \"this will also pass!\"
but, many of us are unprepared to the eventuality of \"this\" passing and \"this ii\" taking over. enough has been written by knowledgeable guys about past experiences and future probabilities. we are slowly learning to handle \"here and now\". once we get used to it, there will be job loss for those who survive on predictions, forecasts and by encashing the human fear of the unknown.
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B. Watch "Dr Duvvuri Subbarao on 'Challenges of the Corona Crisis - the Economic Dimensions' at Manthan" on YouTube


Please watch former RBI Governor's speech and interaction @Manthan

C. The age-old rivalry : Mongoose and snake:

Watch "Slender mongoose kills black mamba" 

A fight well shot!

D. A Mothers' Day Essay :

There is a mother in every father* 

He was watering the plants in the posh gardens of an International school, 
heat and dust didn't seem to affect him.
"Ganga Das, Principal Ma'am wants to see you -- 
right now"...

The last two words of the peon had lots of emphasis on them, trying to make it sound like an urgency.
Dad quickly got up, washed and wiped his hands and headed towards the  Principal's chamber.
The walk from the garden to the office seemed never ending, his heart was almost jumping out of his chest.

He was trying all the permutation and combination, figuring out as to what has gone wrong that she wants to see him urgently...
He was a sincere worker and never shirked from his duties...
knock knock...
"Madam, you called me?"

"Come inside..." 
an authoritative voice made him further nervous...

Salt n pepper hair, tied neatly in a french knot, a designer sari-sober and very classic, glasses resting on the bridge of her nose...
The principal pointed out towards a paper kept on her table...
"Read this"...

" B..but Ma'am I am an illiterate person.
I can not read English.
Ma'am please forgive me if I have done anything wrong... give me another chance... 
I am forever indebted to you for allowing my daughter to study in this school, free of cost... 
I could have never ever dreamt of such a life for my child.."
And he broke down almost trembling:

"Hold on, you assume a lot...
we allowed your daughter because she is very bright and you have been our sincere worker.. 
Let me call a teacher in, she will read it out and translate it to you... 
this is written by your daughter and I want you to read this."

Soon enough the teacher was called and she started reading it, translating each line in Hindi...
It read-

"Today we are asked to write about Mother's Day.
I belong to a village in Bihar, a tiny  village where medical and education still seem like a far fetched dream. 
Many women die every now and then while giving birth. My mother was one of them too, 
she could not even hold me in her arms. 
My father was the first person to hold me.. or perhaps the only person.
Everyone was sad.. as I was a girl and I had "eaten up" my own mother.
My dad was instantly asked to remarry 
but he refused.
My grandparents forced him by giving all logical, illogical and emotional reasons but he didn't budge.

My grand parents wanted a grandson, they threatened him to remarry or else he will be disowned...
He didn't think twice... he left everything, 
his acres of land, a good living, a comfortable house, cattles and everything that counts for a good lifestyle in a village.

He came to this huge city with absolutely nothing -- but me in his arms. 
Life was tough, he worked hard day and night.. 
raised me with tender love and utmost care.

Now I understand why suddenly he developed a dislike for things that I would love to eat when there was only one piece left in the platter.... 
he would say that he hates eating it and I would finish it considering that he does not like it.... 
but as I grew older I realised the reason and what sacrifice is all about.
He gave me the best possible comforts  beyond his capacity.
This school gave him a shelter, respect and the biggest gift -- an admission to his daughter...
If love and care  defines a mother... 
then my father fits in there.
If compassion defines a mother, 
my father fits in well in that category too...
If sacrifice defines a mother, 
my father dominates that category.
So in nut shell.. if a mother is made of love, care sacrifice and compassion...

On Mother's Day, I would like to wish my father for being the best parent on earth... I salute him and say it with pride that the hardworking gardener working in this school is my father.
I know I may fail this test after my teacher reads this -- but this would be a very small price I would pay towards an ode to the selfless love of my father.

There was a deafening silence in the room... 
one could only hear soft sobbing of Ganga Das.... 
The harsh sun could not wet his clothes with sweat but soft words of his daughter had soaked his chest with tears.... 
he was standing there with hands folded..
He took the paper from teacher's hands... 
held it close to his heart and sobbed.

The Principal got up.. offered him a chair, 
glass of water and said something... 
but, strangely the crispness of her voice was taken over by a surprising warmth and sweetness....

"Ganga Das.. your daughter is given 10/10 marks for this essay... This is the best essay ever written about Mother's Day in the history of this school. 
We are having the Mother's Day gala event tomorrow and the entire School Management has decided to invite you as the Chief Guest for the event... 
This is to honour all the love and sacrifice a man can do to raise his children... to show that you do not have to be a woman to be the perfect parent...

And most importantly this is to reinforce/appreciate/acknowledge the strong belief of your daughter in you, to make her feel proud.. to make the entire school feel proud that we have the best parent on earth as stated by your daughter."

"You are a True Gardner, who is not only looking after the gardens, but also nurturing the most precious flower of your life in such a beautiful way...."

“So Ganga Das, will you be our Chief Guest 
for the event!!!"


May I add:

Many Thanks, Jayakumar, for sharing this story. 
Whatever fortunes or misfortunes follow in life, the loss of mother when one was just born, is a memory that'll haunt all through life. My father lost his mother almost soon after his birth. He left us when he was in his 80's and had no major physical health issues for which he had to be treated. But a week before his death also, he told me, his poor health was because he didn't get his mother's milk as a child!
M G Warrier

*Copied from a group email received from my friend R Jayakumar (Ex-RBI)

E. Listening to Shankaracharya :

**Punarapi Jananam 
Punarapi Maranam...

Every one is going to quit this
 life one day, leaving all our 
desires, music, love and 

I am very often reminded of 

autumn, when leaves fall to 
the ground to form a 

multicoloured carpet. There 

a pain combined with 

Are we having a moral 

science class during autumn?

the leaves falling like our 

years, the flowers fading like 
our hours, the clouds fleeting 
like our illusions, the light 
diminishing like our 
intelligence, --all bear secret 
relations to our destinies.

There is a lesson on 

'sacrifice'. Yes, here the light 
gets defeated by darkness;

Ancient scriptures say that 

those who long for light must 
face the inner darkness and 
overpower the same.

We can't but be reminded of 

Bhaja Govindam of 









Born again, dying again, 

sleeping once again in a 
mother's belly - here in this 
endless ocean of samsara (the 
world), which is difficult to 
cross, protect me by your 
grace, O Murari.









Another night, another day, 

another two weeks, another 
month, another half a year, and
 another year (all pass by), yet 
the passion of desire does not
 leave you.

We need not know either 

Sanskrit or 
BhajaGovindam. Nature 
stands before you and kindles
 the awakening facts.

Mother Nature seems to 

convey how easy, how healthy,
 and how beautiful letting go 
can be that is leaving our own
 desires. Does it symbolise 
the end of misery and 
of hope?Does it convey that 

the thing which is dead will 

come back alive again?

I read about an imaginary 

conversation with a falling 

"Dear leaf, ,are you frightened 

because all the leaves are 
falling and you are also going 
to fall?

The leaf replied :

“No. During the whole spring 

and summer I was completely

alive. I worked sincerely to 

store food in me and give total
 nourishment to the tree.

Don't think that by 

discolouration my purpose of 
life is limited."

" I shall go back to the soil and


to nourish the tree. As I leave


branch and float to the 

ground, I will wave to the tree 

say Good bye to come back 


The wind blew,the leaf fell 

down.It floated dancing and 
dancing and saw above.

A green leaf was already there

 on the branch.The leaf was so
 happy to see its own form

again on the tree.

We bow before this little leaf.

What a great philosophy the 

tiny leaf has conveyed!
*****.      *****.     *****
**Received from Smt 
Vathsala Jayaraman, Ex-RBI, 


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