Mail, 29052020 : Winning and Loosing

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M G Warrier

Watch "Powerful lecture of Swami Sarvapriyananda at UN" 

Mail, 29052020 : Winning and loosing

A. Watch "Kaaliya Mardhanam" from Narayaneeyam/P Leela 

There's a beautiful poem "Kaliyamarddanam"* in Malayalam by Sugathakumari.

Did Kaliya win or loose? Was he surrendering, or being defeated by the almighty to send out a message that accumulated wealth (poison) will not ensure one's survival ? You decide.
I feel, there is a grace in Kaliya's belated acceptance of the reality when he allows Krishna to hold his tail and dance on his head, when his entire family is making a plea to save him from death penalty.
The symbols and narratives in Indian Mythology are rich. They are not being accessed/exploited by modern writers, to the extent they are amenable.
No wonder, modern literature and books are also entering the "use and throw" category.

M G Warrier
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*Watch "Kaliyamardanam | Poem | Sugathakumari | Kavalam Srikumar |" 
Sugathakumari is on the dais.

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