Warrier's Daily Mail, May 16, 2020 : Human Perspective

Warrier's Daily Mail, May 16, 2020 : Human Perspective

Warrier's Daily Mail, May 16, 2020

A. Human Perspective

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excellent article. my father was born during 1890\'s and left us in 1979. his first daughter was born during 1920\'s i delayed my arrival till 1944 allowing two more sisters to precede at different intervals. i\'ve heard from my dad about many of the developments during the first half of last century. i myself am witness to the happenings from 1950\'s. my perception is that communication from one generation to the next is one of the casualties of modern development. articles like this will at least remind us not to forget history and formulate our thoughts based on past experiences. we need to remember history and the way we have traversed to reach here. sure. this will also pass. thanks for this article.'
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B. MUST READ: ‘Shankar’s Weekly’ final editorial – IJR

Shankar's Weekly said bye and disappeared calling it a day after active presence in the Indian mainstream media for some 25 years. Though the closure followed declaration of Emergency in June 1975, there were other reasons (of course, which were related to the Emergency) which were "sacrificial" in nature. Later, who knew Shankara Pillai speculated in the media about those reasons, but Shankar's Weekly and its owner kept them a closely guarded secret. We know for sure, an editor, like the proverbial captain of a sinking ship, was protecting his team from insult, injury and embarrassment in a situation where civil rights were in suspended animation!
As a parting gift, a Souvenir including select cartoons and articles published in Shankar's Weekly during the quarter century of its existence, was also published during 1975.

C. From our ancestors**:

Instructions contained in Scriptures to be followed to remain healthy


*१ »*
लवणं व्यञ्जनं चैव घृतं तैलं तथैव च ।
लेह्यं पेयं च विविधं हस्तदत्तं न भक्षयेत् ।।

धर्मसिन्धू ३पू. आह्निक

*Salt, Ghee, Oil, Annam and other food should not be served with bare hand. Use spoons.*

*२ »*
अनातुरः स्वानि खानि न स्पृशेदनिमित्ततः ।।

मनुस्मृति ४/१४४

*Without reasons don't touch own indriyas.  (Eyes, Nose, Ears etc)*

*३ »*
अपमृज्यान्न च स्न्नातो गात्राण्यम्बरपाणिभिः ।।

मार्कण्डेय पुराण ३४/५२

*Don't use own worn clothes to dry oneself after bath*

*४ »*
हस्तपादे मुखे चैव पञ्चाद्रे भोजनं चरेत् ।।


नाप्रक्षालितपाणिपादो भुञ्जीत ।।

सुश्रुतसंहिता चिकित्सा २४/९८

*Wash your hands, feet, mouth before you eat.*

*५ »*
स्न्नानाचारविहीनस्य सर्वाः स्युः निष्फलाः क्रियाः ।।

वाघलस्मृति ६९

*Without Snan and Shudhi all Karmas done are Nishphal.*

*६ »*
न धारयेत् परस्यैवं स्न्नानवस्त्रं कदाचन ।।


*Don't use the cloth (like towel) used by another for drying yourself after bath.*

*७ »*
अन्यदेव भवद्वासः शयनीये नरोत्तम ।
अन्यद् रथ्यासु देवानाम् अर्चायाम् अन्यदेव हि ।।

महाभारत अनु० १०४/८६

*Use different clothes while sleeping, while going out, while doing pooja.*

*८ »*
तथा न अन्यधृतं (वस्त्रं) धार्यम् ।।

महाभारत अनु० १०४/८६

*Don't wear clothes worn by others.*

*९ »*
न अप्रक्षालितं पूर्वधृतं वसनं बिभृयाद् ।।

विष्णुस्मृति ६४

*Clothes once worn should not be worn again before washing.*

*१० »*
न आद्रं परिदधीत ।।

गोभिसगृह्यसूत्र ३/५/२

*Don't wear wet clothes.*

*११ »*
चिताधूमसेवने सर्वे वर्णाः स्न्नानम् आचरेयुः । 
वमने श्मश्रुकर्मणि कृते च ।। 

विष्णुस्मृति २२

*Take bath on return from cremation ground. Take bath after haircut..*

*These were told five thousand years ago in the Santana Grantha. We are forewarned five thousand years ago.*

**Based on the contents of a message received from a friend staying in Dreams.

M G Warrier


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