Sunday Mail, 31052020 : Jyotirgamayah

Sunday Mail 31052020 : Jyotirgamayah

M G Warrier

Watch "Gayatri Mantra With Meaning | गायत्री मंत्र 11 Times |"

Sunday Mail, 31052020

A. Watch "Asato Ma Sadgamaya With Lyrics - Early Morning Chant - Peace Mantra - Spiritual" 

Copied below is an edited version of comments received from Smt Vathsala Jayarajan, Ex-RBI, Chennai on this:

"💐Whenever I see Badri's writings, I stop for a while ,read his introductory verse for some minutes.
“asato mā sadgamaya
tamaso mā jyotir gamaya
mrityormāamritam gamaya”

“From ignorance, lead me to truth;
From darkness, lead me to light;
From death, lead me to immortality”

What is ignorance? A lack of knowledge to seek information one needs, lack of ability to understand and assimilate, even if the information is available within reach and lack of ability to apply that understanding into personal growth and development. 

When we are questioned about who we are, we answer, “I am so and so” or “I am a professional” or “I am so and so’s son/daughter/spouse”, etc. referring to the label assigned to our body or label assigned to our mind or label assigned to us by people around us.  However, everyone can inquire, “Am I these labels assigned to me or am I something different than what I believe I am or what others perceive me as?”, every time we answer these questions. I was assigned a name only after I was born, I became a professional only after certain age and I am a son/daughter/spouse only after I was born or married. Who was I before I came into existence? What triggered me to have this life? What was I supposed to learn? What should I do to love and be loved? How do I reach a stage when I don’t feel the pleasure or pain? Frankly, my status is mostly “seeking information or seeking understanding or seeking to learn how to apply them for personal growth and development”.

When we watch our thoughts, we not only realise we are not the mind but also filled with encryption.  We have come to perform actions that would reduce our encryption and what unfolds in front of us is meant to be for that very purpose. When we connect all our thoughts, we convert ourselves into an independent existence like the threads made from cotton becoming a cloth. If our thoughts give us existence, status, etc., all of us can visualise many good things and become that. 'Yadh Bhaavam Tadh Bhavathi (as you think, so you become) is a teaching intended to build our character eliminating our bad thoughts and exalting ourselves into higher stature. We did create destiny by our past actions, but can new actions eradicate or change our destiny? The only way we can answer this question is by making the effort to do good actions. Living in the castle of desires and attachments is like the tortoise hiding inside the shell. Whenever, we find ourselves in a zone, we are experiencing our unfulfilled desires and let us try to get into a zone in decoding our encryption. 

What is truth? Everything around us is nothing but manifestation of Truth and that is why the prayer is seeking “lead me to Truth” instead of “discover the truth”. Truth exists everywhere around, inside, above and below us and we don’t discover truth but learn to experience it.

We are surrounded by light but we remain in darkness. We dwell in power, position, name and fame instead of seeking the abundant bliss. Our attitude, behavior and character (“ABC”) determine our “Destiny” (“D”). We need to learn to use the tools gifted to us to free ourselves from the cocoon to become a butterfly and not assume ourselves as the tools. Vivekam (knowledge)is understanding Vairaghyam (Dispassion/ Detachment/Renunciation) is what sets us free from bondage to liberation.

We need to find the knots that binds all our thoughts together and remove them one at a time. We have to trace a window to find how thoughtlessness brings bliss is our exercise to observe our thoughts silently. By conquering the desires and attachments, we can begin the process of eliminating our encryption. The freedom one enjoys as “Sat-Chit-Ananda” (being, aware and blissful) is far superior than what one could experience in physical form with the limitation of time and space. Frankly, that is the only thing that is indispensable.
But many people  wonder "why I should seek immortality. I don't desire nithyathvam and would like to finish journey comfortably without any inconvenience to others. That itself would be a great thought and blessing I believe.
One wonders if all strive and reach the source viz., the feet of Lord then what is the purpose of creation? 
How one is sure that no rebirth would take place after exhausting karmas -ve and +ve. How to define absolute good and bad.?What is considered good deed turns bad and vice versa after passage of time!?
 This line of honest questioning leads to salvation and we don't need to hesitate to ask questions to ourselves throughout our spiritual development process.

Here is my humble view on the subject:

1) Perhaps the Lord wanted to experience sharing love and be loved and hence He/She replicated Himself/Herself into many so that each one can experience love and be loved. He/She gave the gift of body, mind and intellect ("BMI") for each such existence to experience the Creator while existing in the creation and as a creation. He/She also created a Law of Karma as living beings explore the creation, they are bound to perform actions.Perhaps initially, everyone was true and righteous and over a period of time, the living beings believed the duality and started functioning independently upon being gifted with a free will. They performed actions that created the need for them to come back again to face the consequences of Karma. Birth/Death cycle was created.

2) The Lord gave the longing to merge with the Universal Absolute simultaneous to free will to perform actions. He/She also gave forgetfulness to the individual Jeevas (Souls) so that they didn't remember the past Karma so that they would make efforts to find ways to optimize their love to the Lord.

3) Exploring to understand the Creator by Creation is like the scientific invention trying to understand the Scientist's mind. Humanity has sixth sense to discriminate right from wrong but mostly the humanity is confused to differentiate between the feeble voice of conscience vs loud voice of the mind. Life is a process through which it liberates itself by eliminating its encryption as it understands the purpose and strives to be near its Consciousness. The day it removes the ignorance that it is separate from the Universal Absolute and performs all its actions dedicated to the Universal Absolute, its existence becomes redundant."

B. A yen for multi-tasking 

Ashok Warrier is telling you a "Chinese" experience. Find out how and why a Chinese Doctor changes coat. I believe him when Warrier talks about the language problem in the China of 1980's, because my boss B N Vermaji had narrated some funny experience on his return from China around that time. There was no bucket or mug in the bathroom. After failing to communicate with the waiter in English and sign language Vermaji drew a picture of a bucket and a mug on a paper and the waiter came back with a big bucket and a smaller bucket!



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